Could the GF run without the tray installed?



I have been thinking about the possibility of engraving objects that might be taller than the 1.5 inch clearance. I know you can remove the tray to dump out bits and pieces, but can you run the glowforge without the tray in there? I’m sure it would not be a use that @dan could endorse for various reasons, just curious is all.

Height of cut object?

You get to the 1.5" clearance when the tray is removed. You only have 0.5" clearance with the tray installed.


Which means 1.5" is the maximum after removing the tray. There is a non-removable bottom to the Glowforge case.


Gotcha, I missed that in the specs.


No problem. The solid bottom info is not in the specs. Info provided by the the CEO in response to other posts about height limitation on both models and pass-through restriction on the Pro model.


Once the 6 month warranty is up I expect there will be some interesting case modifications out there!


There definitely will!
Fair warning though. The Basic is considered a Class 1 laser because the laser is completely enclosed. If you cut an opening in, it will be considered a Class 4 laser unless you seal up the hole appropriately.


Yes, as stated, it’s 1.5" after the tray is removed. We definitely do support running without the tray, though.



Nuked a reply with some factually incorrect information (because that winds up getting quoted as gospel later). It’s 6/12 basic/pro.


Will running without the tray, be at the risk of cutting through the bottom of the housing or does i have a metal bottom?


It has a metal bottom under the tray.

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