Crafting Foam-- Safe or Explosiony?

I’m in love with my Glowforge and am encouraging all of my teachers to use it. One has come to me with this stuff from Joann Fabrics and I honestly can’t tell/find any listing of what is in the stuff. It’s bendy and soft, no outter core, and the same material all the way through.

Any idea
a) if this is safe and
b) if it is safe, how to go about cutting it?

Thanks Hive Mind!



I’ve cut some craft foam several times. I remember looking up safety for it when I first did it, and judged that it was pretty safe. I know others use EVA foams in lasers for making cosplay costumes.

It cuts really well. But that being said, I don’t know what you are cutting is the same as what I’m cutting, so you might just want to do a quick google search to make sure it’s EVA foam, and that you feel safe cutting it.

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Also, in addition to everyone else’s good advice: Foam fires can be nasty. You should ensure that you’re watching things like a hawk.

In general, try to avoid dense cutting when dealing with more flammable things like cardboard and foam. Stick to simpler shapes, and you’ll probably be fine. Go with very detailed or small features, and you’ll have a much higher chance of fire.


Here’s a link to a post where they used Craft Foam as well.

Thanks. I have been trying to cut foam and it just melts. I’ll try your settings.

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