Craftsman-inspired hummingbird window hanging

I picked up some 1/8" birch a little while back and wanted to try it out, so I put together this hummingbird design from this photo by James Wainscoat on Unsplash.

I think I want to try it again once I’ve got some acrylic on hand, and do an acrylic foreground/wood background.


Very pretty! :grinning:

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Very nice! The humming birds are scarce where they were once plentiful since Maria. But they are coming back…


I was thinking colored acrylic fit into the holes.

Very glad to hear. between the immediate damage and lack of flowers, it would have been a very hard life for any survivors, even extinction could be a possibility from storms like that,

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Clever, I really like the openness of that.

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Gorgeous! Would also be nice in just the pink transparent :proofgrade: acrylic. The pink is more like a red and very fitting for a hummingbird. Especially hanging in front of a window.

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