Crayola box for Sharpies

My take on a container for Sharpies.

Always loved the traditional Crayola box. Birch ply, dyed (vintage cherry) then engraved and cut.


Really love that quote.


I just picked up a color pack of Sharpies for tile jobs. This box is perfect for storage and is playful enough to to show off the kid that is inside of us all! Love it!


Is there a sharpener on the back??? (Some of my sharpies could use it…)


The engraving turns out lighter as you destroy/remove the stain? Or are the lighter areas masked when you dye?

Yes! That was kind of an interesting accident. The stain is darker than the burn from the engrave. I think the stain may have mitigated some of the laser’s power.

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Other people have done that before to varying degrees of success, that’s really cool, I think yours is maybe the best of them.


Nice! Who doesn’t love Crayola?


Thats really great. I like the 45 adapter in the engrave too. Did you do dividers in it as well?

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Yes. The dividers are a pretty basic slot and fit type. They sit about a half inch down inside the box.


Oh, very cute! You even did the curved sides on top.

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Great idea. I love those colored boxes of Sharpies.

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Super! Great job. Way to tie in that quote by Rome’s best known philosopher/emperor. Nice craftsmanship/design work.


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Love it! The design, the functionality, the quote - all great.

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Awesome design. If you don’t use the sharpies frequently, they will dry out if stored tip up. I was thinking about a design similar to this only with a clear acrylic front, so I can store them tip down, but still see what color it is.

A Super Cute project. Love it and Crayola’s