Craziest thing today?


So what’s the craziest thing you can say happened to you today? I’ll start…

My dog bought a $45 African fertility idol at auction today without my knowledge or permission. The dirty b*stard…Now I gotta go drive across town to pay for it… True story


Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 1st, 2017

You won… :astonished:


I believe that tale requires additional details…



I’d like to say your dog has excellent taste…:joy:


Even funnier? He is going to be bred to a bitch as soon as she comes into season. I’ve had several offers to use him at stud, but this is the only breeding I’ve agreed to. I think he’s trying to move things along lol


Okay, the grin splitting my face is actually making it sore…:blush:


I got recognized because of my dog. (He wasn’t with me). Tap on the shoulder…“aren’t you shermans dad?” O.o. Turns out she used to work where he goes to daycare.


This is him. He’s an ungrateful jerk…


Just picture online auction…keyboard…bathroom break…bowl of cereal next to the keyboard…jerk dog…:scream_cat:


Yep! That one wins. Hands down. :laughing:

(It’s a good thing you weren’t looking at RVs.)


HAHAHAHAAHAHAH!! Yes, I guess it could have been worse lol (And I got about 20 new halters to donate to a horse rescue group so I will try not to be ungrateful.)


:heart: I’ve been “in dogs” for about 20+ years and it’s pretty common to know someone only by the name of their dog. I was known as “Augie’s mom” for about my first 10 years in my breed. Augie has been gone for 10 years and people still use him to describe me. :slight_smile:


Craziest thing? Sorry I can’t top that.
“You gotta believe me! My dog did that!”


My dog rolled in something in the yard that smells really bad today, but I don’t think that can compare. :neutral_face:


Only if it cost $45 to clean him up lol :stuck_out_tongue:


No, he is a yorkie so I just washed him in the laundry sink, for FREE. :blush:


Greyt roaching picture of him. How old is he?


Boone and his brother Crockett turned five in December. They are both roach masters and can fly too :smiley:


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