Create silk screens on a laser cutter?

This looks interesting and promising. I haven’t done any silk screening in a while, but I think I would give it a try again if I could create screens as easily as this. It kind of dovetails with those halftone tests @kittski did nicely as well.

Just realized i should credit where I found this. I thought it had come from a generic laser cutting facebook page, but it was actually someone on the glowforge user group page. Not sure if they’re here, but Kevin, if you are, thanks for posting this there.


Thanks for the share!
I’ve wanted to try something like this. But too many other projects come ahead of that. :slight_smile:

BTW, I love the fact that you’ve recently become Shop Owner. :wink:


how did i miss THAT!?!

the funny thing is “shop” is my throwaway address on my domain. and then i realized that was my “name” and didn’t see a way to change it… ¯_(ツ)_/¯


If you send a message to @dan he can change it.


thanks, @tim1724.

I finally got back to this and i’ll just say wow!

I love this idea and I’m totally going to try it!

Amazon Prime is delivering my roll of mylar in approximately 2 days.


looking forward to seeing what you do with it. i so want my GF to try that out. cut something on the GF, then SS it. or vice versa.

I have been a walking pediatric cancer billboard for 4 years. My kid has been out of treatment for a year and a half. Time to branch out and find what else I want to say.
I have several ideas.
And a few cancer t-shirts to do, for friends still in the trenches. Who am I kidding? I will still wear PSAs.


I got my Mylar in the mail today.