Curved Surfaces/custom item rotator with 6" z depth

Now that a 6" deep bed has been announced I think this needs to be asked again. Maybe I could create a spindle that would allow me to etch one line at a time though this seems like it would not work very well. Can I for example Etch on a pint glass? What are the limitations? I’m beginning to think an epilogue would better suite branding type business endeavors.


6 inches?. Nope, 2" is the spec.


Yeah guess I read that wrong a 6" workspace… hmm “depth is reduced ½” " does this mean total depth will be 1.5" ? guess i’ll have to get another laser for glasses and the like.

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Total depth with tray removed is 2". Focus is 1/2". So the surface of what ever you engrave needs to be in that 1/2" focus area, or 1.5" to 2" from the bottom if the crumb tray is removed or no more than 1/2" above the crumb tray if it is installed.


That was referring to the front to back distance, confusingly. It was 12", it now 11.5".


There have been some discussions (search on “rotary”) about how you could do rotary engraving of bigger objects using additional/replacement optics, but those are definitely blue sky. And according to one of the pre-release folks (was it @marmak3261 ?) the air assist hangs down far enough from the head that the 2" total depth is a pretty hard limit.


This post gives a great description of how to etch glass items that are too big to fit into a GF: How to engrave a glass bottle on a Glowforge


Thanks! I had never though of that! I’m a pretty big newbie to all of this.