Custom cribbage board



After the discussion of playing cribbage with grandpas,

I remembered how much fun cribbage is to play and want to teach my son.

Thought of something we both enjoy…and designed the board.
Opted for square holes so I could cut the pegs out of 1/8" acrylic too.

Masked the wood and let it raster and vector etch and cut…

Painted the etched parts black. Cut out some colored acrylic pegs.

Then used watered down acrylic craft paint for color…

A couple coats of clear laquer and its ready to be played on.

A good way to pass the time

ah, what fun!


Square peg in a square hole. yes. Genius. Just one tool!


I love this! haha


so pretty


That is really impressive. Great job!


Very nice!!!


Soooooooooo cool! :sunglasses::+1:




Excellent! Great way to pass the time!


Cribbage GO – gotta peg 'em all!

So cool… :sunglasses:


Are those four extra holes to store the pegs in?
Way to re-package it to appeal to him!


Oh perfect, I was trying to think of a catchphrase but my brain was tired today LOL


You put the pegs there before you start since the first hole would be one point. I’m going to make a base that has a hole in the bottom where I can store them


:flushed: guess that about shows how often I play cribbage!


Great update to a classic!


Excellent work, and thank you for encouraging a new generation of cribbage maniacs.


Gorgeous @smcgathyfay!!! Your post brings back fond memories of playing against my Dad when I was a young kid. I was way ahead and about to beat him. I ended up in the Skunk Hole and he had something like a 30 point hand to beat me!!!

He kidded me about that the rest of my life.

I didn’t see the Skunk Line marked on your board.


Really nice. And yet another reminder (with the paints and the finish) of how important the non-laser bits of a project are.