In search of: complex drawer divider generator

Hi all,

Recently I manually created a design for some interlocking drawer dividers:

The yellow lines are what I want the dividers to look like from overhead.
The green panels are the design for each piece that then all interlock together.

I’m interested in finding (or making myself) a generator that could take the yellow lines as input, and spit out the green panels.

Any seen something like this before?

Something that would making doing drawers like this:

super fast and easy.

Thanks all!


Tabbed dividers are simple enough. The overhangs and angles aren’t. I haven’t seen a generator that would produce that.

Do you know of a more simple tabbed divider generator? If so I’d use that as a starting point.

It’s a bit of a puzzle, but it works.

Ah yea, I do remember looking at this a while ago.

It is a bit of a puzzle :wink: And not flexible enough for me. I’m playing with (which is awesome) and I’m going to try to build a generator in there.


Wow, something new to me! Awesome.

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Hmmmm. I did something similar using a rectangular design a few years ago using make123d, but Autodesk discontinued that. Maybe you could create a box of the required dimensions (non square) and slice it using Slicer for Fusion 360 (Make123d replacement).

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Ok… first attempt using for this:

Going to play with it, try cutting it, see how well it works.
Assuming everything works great, I’ll share it here with you all.

cc @tobyschachman


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