Custom etched drumsticks



My husband, also a drummer for a local band, had some extra sticks I could play with. Etched his band’s name and he’ll use them as give aways.

Unfortunatly the wood these are made from doesnt color well like some, but it still shows up.


Very nice work


Very cool! I’ve had some thoughts about shell casings, arrows and broadheads as keepsakes from a hunt. Kind of along the lines of drumsticks :slight_smile:


I’ve done brass shell casings with thermark…they come out nice!


If you do any more, looks like a good candidate for coating in tape, engraving, then dunking/spraying with Plasti-dip (or I suppose being boring and using plain old paint)


I tried staining it but the stain bled too much into the wood from the inside and it looked messy. :smirk: These are cheap probably soft wood.


I actually think the understated color contrast looks good.


I’m really thinking that if Glowforge needs to choose a beta tester that is outside the local area to test shipping and other long distance issues, you would get my vote. Thanks again for sharing your talent and industriousness. And also had to stalk Audiobomb:


:grin::grin: I second that!! Lol

Audiobomb got a new way better singer recently BTW. Should have some more videos soon too.


I tried to etch a drumstick (inspired by smcgathyfay) but mine didn’t turn out as well…
Some day I hope to have a fraction of her laser cutting knowledge…:confused:


I think smart-alecs are the most awesome type of people!


They look amazing! But is there any kind of rotational device used / needed for that?


I didn’t use the rotary for this since it was easily fitted on a 1/4" x 5" area. But yes, a rotary can etch all the way around designs.
I have a rolling pin just waiting to be etched with something all the way around… just haven’t decided on what…lol


You can go old school: “For when he comes home late!!” :laughing:


Very cool.


Here are the bullet casings done with Thermark. Just used old casings…tarnish and all…lol

Engraving Brass
Warning to all the "makers" out there

No date for when they took down the Thomas Smith?


I like the tarnish but didn’t know if it would impact the cermark marking down the road. I was thinking a clear coat might preserve the existing condition/character but prevent additional tarnishing. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing!



An idea for etching the casings from a 21 gun salute…I would love to have had those in the case with the flag when my Dad passed.


I started to go there and then decided that might not be taken with the intended levity in this political and social climate.