Custom settings continually reset upon startup

My custom settings reset today. When I attempt to change the settings, two things happen:
– The speed setting will always remain at 100, even after saving.
– All the custom settings now mirror each other.

If I quit the app and start it again, the custom settings are reset to 1 power 100 speed. The focus height, number of passes, and setting names are retained correctly.

Here’s a short clip of the issue in action.

I’ve refreshed the browser, turned the Glowforge off and on, cleared site cookies and cache.

I’m having the exact same issue today. My custom settings are 500/full and the app changes every layer to 100/1. It’s very aggravating!

Can’t access your link, but is it engrave settings?

All my custom engrave settings are now reset to 1000/1, but my cut and score settings are working as they should.

(… and, no, the custom settings were not using the higher speeds)

Yep. This happened to me, too. All my settings reset to power 1 / speed 100.

For me, this can be fixed by going into details of a different custom setting, and then returning to the original setting (thankfully).

May be having a terminology issue here.
When you say Custom, are you talking about results you used on a previous design (not sure these ever saved correctly).
Actual Custom settings?
For actual custom settings, I always set the material or manual thickness, then the previously saved custom numbers can be selected from the list of saved settings.


I’m having the exact same issue. I’ve opened up a design that I’ve used before, just needing to engrave some more items. All of my settings have been changed to a speed of 100, power of 1. It takes several minutes for it to process my design and then tells me that what took 45 minutes will now take 15 hours and 36 minutes. I’ve checked several of my designs and all of them have a setting of 100/1 or an “enter settings” message for every layer.

Hopefully someone from Glowforge can address this, as it seems to be affecting several users.

I saw this as well last night. I found that if I click on my custom setting it changed to 100/1 but if I then clicked the proofgrade setting and then clicked my custom setting again, all was good. There’s a bug in there somewhere.


I am having the same problem, it’s extremely inconvenient to have to go into every layer and click into another setting and then set the layer back before beginning every job. Given any significant number of layers and cutting jobs the time wasted adds up quickly.

I’ve only had this machine a week and between this issue and last night’s outage it’s not a great introduction.

This is happening for me too. All settings I have manually entered and saved are reverted to 1 pwr, 100 spd. Also the software seems to be having an issue with selecting and moving multiple objects. Like I’ll click and drag to select two objects, and then when I click and drag to move them, only one moves.

same thing here. W T F ??

Having this issue as well. Is anyone from glowforge going to address this? Really need my settings back.

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Same thing here!

and when manually restoring one of my settings, i remembered the power but did not reset the speed. I mistook the 100 that was inserted in error as full speed. 100 is slow enough to really cook a piece of paper even at low power. This made for a goodly attempt to burn down my glow forge but I caught it early enough to avert disaster. this needs to be fixed asap. @dan

Having the same problem and I threw away the settings I had written down. Definitely a problem with glowforge. Maybe an update or server problem.

I’m not sure if this is the same problem, but everyone needs to try refreshing your browser and clearing your cache to see if it resolves the problem. :slightly_smiling_face:

Already tried it. It did not resolve the issue.

Yeah, might not be the same problem for everyone. But it’s always a good first thing to try. It clears up a lot of the issues.

For those of you who try it and it doesn’t fix the problem, you’ll want to start your own ticket in a new thread…it’s how Support realizes there’s a general problem that they need to work on. (More tickets - bigger issue.)

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Ok not sure if everyone else is seeing this but my settings are back.

The Seattle pixies are at work! :grinning:

Hopefully everyone sees it soon. (Remember to refresh the browser/clear the cache.)

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mine is fixed now.