Custom tortilla chips



Every year we throw a huge adult halloween party a our place. We make custom tortilla chips for the party (using halloween themed cookie cutters), so I figured the GF would do high precision cuts. Man can you do this with incredible detail! Just selected the Maple veneer settings since it’s about the same thickness. I recalled @caribis2 posting about doing tortillas (although I believe those were mostly engraved, which I decided would not support the volume for the party (we have ~!100 guests so we need a bunch of chips).

Personalized Tortillas?

I’ve so wanted to do this. Way to go!


All I need to know is that they taste okay, and I’m all over it!


I guess you will have to kasher it before you do your matzah art next Passover… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I suddenly crave chili. :smile:


On my list to do. I like the idea of cutting them instead of engraving. Thanks for the test run!


How very cool!


Only because you’re about 49 glowforges short of what you’d need for a party of that size. How many deep fryers do you have?


Just one. I guess I’d have to call up Eversource and request gigawatt service to my house…


Hahaha at first I read “Everclear”…does that say something about me?.. hahaha


I’m blown away…seriously.


Happy cakeday @henryhbk. Thanks for your amazing contributions to the forum!


Bwahaha…those are awesome!! I thought at first you might have made a cutter…but why bother if you can just pop in the whole tortilla?

Happy cake day too!!!