Customer Horror Show and I'm New ! Is this really how they treat cumtomers

Hi, everyone my names Chris and I’m super excited to be part of the community and to be buying a Glowforge Pro but is this really how the company acts ? 1st- Do they even care about the cue ? 2nd - How does one treat a new customer who spends 10k with them in this fashion ? 3rd It’s kicking back my order now saying there’s an issue with the address.It will not ship or fully process. Did this happen to alot of you ?
I cant even get a reply or a return phone call from them to fix. Then if they do email back saying wait 24 more hours. Do they really think customers then wanna wait again day after day for a reply ? I’m very thrown off by all this and extremely upset that this is happening. I want the machine but I don’t wanna be treated like they don’t care. How have all of you delt with these issues and what if something else goes wrong. Is this how I have to address it ?

No way any of you can think this is ok or right to have such a big company act in this poor fashion . Do they read these cause it blows my mind that their even OK with customers writting threads like this and not addressing them ASAP.

Sad to say but I’ve had a horrible experience with them already and I’m supposed to use them for help if an issues arises with the machine ? Please someone tell me this is not the case.

They only offer email support and it is not speedy. That’s just how it is. If you want same-day support, or support by phone, then you should cancel your order and choose a different manufacturer. You have lots of options these days.

Glowforge Inc does not monitor this forum. It’s just us 100,000+ other Glowforge customers here, but if you browse around, the place is not filled with upset people, it’s filled with people sharing the amazing things they’ve created and helping each other.


Is this really how I have to go about addressing the address issue ? and how long do they take to reply ? If i don’t get a phone call how can they possibly handle and address this in a timely matter. make no sense. its a lot of money to be treated in this way.

Yes, you really do have to wait for email replies. It can take several business days when they’re busy, as they probably are with holiday sales. You won’t get a phone call. If you’re not OK with being treated like that, then again, you should really cancel the order as that’s the speediness of support you’ll have for the next however many years.

How much you spent doesn’t matter and while it may be a lot of money for you, it’s not a lot of money for a laser. Most personalization businesses are built on Epilog/Trotec/ULS lasers that start at several times the price for their entry-level models.


Yes I see this. It’s very confusing tho to see them not implement solutions to these issues. Seems like alot of new customers deal with things like this. Wouldn’t it be smart to address the New order and New customer issues ? So i’m stuck waiting for a reply and then I have to wait again for that to be answered ? It seems like something so easy is gonna be a mission. How is this ok ?

I think the sales department has chat support, and since you are having trouble completing your purchase you should try that. Glowforge support is more about fixing issues with the machines once they have been delivered and are operational.


Thank You so much

There is no chat option.

Sales does have a phone number listed.

Otherwise, as stated, support only offers email. It can take several days, it’s been that was since the start.

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I understand but it makes no sense, how are they even ok with this ? End of the day it can be a great machine great company but how you treat New Customers is everything. I’m just very frustrated with how this is going down and how they going about it. it’s not adding up, no way there selling these like cars so whats the slow hold up on the back end? They must have a small team. I’m just very thrown off by this.

Because they have your money. Sales makes money, support costs money.

It doesn’t seem to make sense but it’s what you get when you buy a cheap crafting machine. If you want business-level support, buy a business-class machine.

Edited to add- this is the worst possible time to be trying to contact them. As well as the rush of sales due to the holiday, this is also when people who have not used their machines are now rushing to “fill orders” and finding problems. GF is a small startup, they are staffed to provide a consistent level of service during busy times. I strongly suspect the reason they stopped participating in these forums is because it exposed publicly just how poor their support is.


I just went on the sales page for Glowforge and clicked the message button. This popped up. I think they are more responsive on the sales side.


Interesting. I wonder why they don’t have that on their web site anywhere?

No one here knows. We’re all in the same boat. Support was never quick, but it seems like it has gotten worse in the last couple of years.

It’s a good machine and a good community here… but @dan84 is right… If you find the support experience intolerable, you will be happier with another vendor.


It is on the website. It might not pop up if you’re logged in, but every time I go to the main GF page, the sales chat pops up. If you click on it, you get both options.


Weird. Why would they hide it if you are logged in.

you said it yourself

“they already got your money”


My wife and daughters went to a craft show last weekend. some guy was selling Laser engraved coasters. my daughter asked him if he used a Glowforge, he said “no, I don’t use a toy”.

having seen that guy’s coasters before at another show. after they told me about that. I said “well I might use a toaster but when I do make a coaster it isn’t useless like his.”

the water would just pour right off his coasters on a humid day. might be useful for throwing at somebody, but as a coaster? completely useless. LOL

Oh well. I’d have never been able to justify plopping down 5 figures for a laser. so Glowforge it is :slight_smile:

engraving shot glasses tonight.


That’s such a poor character trait. Why would you be a jerk to someone at a craft show? You’re not curing cancer. You’re making coasters. Get over yourself.


and useless coasters at that.

oh well. I have always noticed that anybody that puts down others/things, especially for no reall “need”, usually has a lot of issues, and I chalk it up to poor upbringing.


Thank You for everyones help