Customer Support response

HELLO? It has been four days now and I haven’t gotten a response. Do you think I can get a response at some point as my machine is down and no one seems concerned except me! #352881

Every time you open a new post (5 and counting at this point) you slow down their response time. Respond to your original thread (either this one or via email, whichever you did first) instead of starting new ones.

If it’s your power supply they need to verify stock, and get a shipping label set up so you can return your machine. They are likely doing everything in their power to figure out a way to fix your machine without you having to ship it back. They are concerned, as evidenced by their top-notch CS over the past 4 years, but they can’t make it go any faster and if they have to continuously find/close duplicate posts it slows them down.

It’s frustrating, but you should use this time to find a back-up option in your area. They will respond as soon as they have new information.


They have emailed me initially, told me to try a couple of things, which I did immediately, then stopped. Did not acknowledge any replied emails to them, nothing. I will open as many as it takes for someone to contact me. It takes 2 minutes to give me an update as I have requested when I replied to their original email. I just need to know someone is doing something somewhere.

You can do what you want, you’re an adult. Each time you do it slows down their response time.


They don’t and won’t until there’s something to update you on. Been the policy since the first ticket and it doesn’t look like it’s likely to change soon.

If you want to open a ticket whenever and as often as you want; use the e-mail so only they are hit with it, not every customer on the forums.

This behavior is essentially spamming everyone who has an account. Spamming is not good behavior.


I know how you feel and the majority of us have walked in your shoes. It is extremely frustrating and nerve rattling because the Glowforge is a very expensive machine.

In July 2020, when the entire world is going through a pandemic my 10 month old Glowforge Pro died. I was in shock!! A $6000 machine only lasted 10 months. I really truly believed I would have to wait months to get a REFURBISHED Glowforge.

Ten days after I received the E-mail from GF —-that there was no hope of fixing my machine ——the doorbell rang and my brand new ——never used Pro arrived. They could have sent me a refurbished one.

Glowforge will take care of your problem!!

GlowForge has excellent support but they are very overwhelmed.



I’m so sorry for the delay in response I have emailed you the next steps for your Glowforge. To avoid duplicate communication and expedite your process, I’m going to go ahead and close this topic.