Customizable Weck Jar Lids



Something simple.

I love the shape of Weck jars and think they make great gift containers for food and small items, but the lids could stand some pizazz if you’re going to gift them. :relaxed:

I just went and scrounged up some internet images for these…(I think the fish would make a fantastic gift filled with hand-tied flies or specialty lures for a fisherman.)

Engraved cherry Proofgrade ply.

I am so incredibly impressed with the phenomenal amount of data that the machine picks up and interprets correctly for extremely complex designs though…take a look at the closeup of that zentangle file…i put it in the bed so I could get some good lighting on it:

That’s from a jpeg of a hand drawn image…it’s incredible that there isn’t a mark out of place on it.

Bowie the Fish by notoriousstar
Hedgie by George Bokhua
Zentangle-Paisley-Pattern (unknown)

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 22nd, 2017

Are those two cuts, or did you engrave the circle for the fish and hedge one?


They all have a raised rim. :relaxed:


those are gorgeous :smiley: excellent idea for a gift


Great idea! Do the little metal clips still snap on correctly? We have more jars than lids for some odd reason (cough clumsy dishwashing cough).


The ones that have the wider rims (everything but the paisley) do work with the clips.

But the clips can scratch the finish on the wood, so I’d probably give the glass lid along with it, in case someone wanted to actually do canning with them. :relaxed:

If you’re using it for a candy jar though, you wouldn’t need the clips.

Or you could try making one with acrylic - I’ll bet that would hold up to the clips. :smiley:


What a beautiful idea!


Jules continuing to kill it.


Chuckle! I wish I could take credit for extreme design ability on these, but they’re literally just a few circles. :wink:

(not my artwork)


Sometimes it is how you have assembled the various design elements. Everything in the iPod was lifted but the way they combined them…


That detail is amazing. That really is a great gifting idea.


I love this one.
How long did it take @Jules?


Well, not very long, because it’s the smaller lid…maybe 13 minutes?


Awesome, that’s very manageable.




Wow, gorgeous engraving! I haven’t done much of that in wood and I need to get cracking! I particularly love the zentangle one. Never heard of a Weck jar, now I have to go looking!


learn something new every day. I absolutely love paisley!


I’m saving the jars and tops of WoodWick candles. They have a nice gasket seal and will engrave nicely. Not sure what I’ll use them for, but they will look beautiful.

Come to think of it, the stone coasters and trivet on the table may also laser well. They are raised, cut should fit with the tray removed. I may have to spend some time designing something to fit the mosaic pieces in them.


Great idea! :relaxed:


I was thinking the same thing! We never have the heart to throw the jars out. "They’re so pretty, I know we can do something with em!"
Now I know what that something is.