Cut 1 line on acrylic

How do just cut 1 line on a piece of acrylic? I engraved but need to cut the piece of a larger piece of acrylic and am not sure what or how tp do this.
Thank you!!

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Welcome to the forum.

If you have the premium tools, you can select the line tool and input a single line cut that you make the length you need.

If you don’t have the premium tools you will need to create a cut line in another program or upload the shapes template file and use the line segment in the file. Here is a link to the file: Cut Shapes Template - #10 by dwardio

If you are trying to place an outline around your project that is something else we can help you accomplish.


Can you elaborate on this? I’m not quite understanding what you are trying to do.
Like just a square piece with an engraving?


I figured out the 1 line but I am now stuck on trying to figure out how to cut a rectangle shape with rounded corners. I have words I would like on a small rectangle shape and am so frustrated

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Can you tell us how you are making the design? Or are you using Glowforge premium? I’m happy to help if I have an idea of the approach you are taking.


When you add a rectangle to a design using the rectangle/square button, this box pops up with a “Round Corners” box. You enter the desired radius for the corners in that box. Try putting in 0.25 and see how you like it.


I am using gf premium

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ok - sounds like what @dan84 shared above should work for you!
Let us know if that makes sense or if you need more help.
We’ve all needed help at times - happy to pay it forward!


This is what I’m trying to make. I can only find the square button and it won’t let me resize it properly

You are in the learning curve, which is short. Hang in there, (Deep breath) it will all come clear to you soon. Enjoy your adventure!


The square button is the correct button, there’s not a separate one for rectangles. By default, when resizing anything, the aspect ratio (ratio between width and height) is preserved for you automatically so you don’t e.g. distort a picture by stretching it more in one direction than another.

To make a square into a rectangle, click the square, click the ruler button at the bottom of the window, then click the unlock aspect ratio button (circled in red). You can now drag the edge of the box in one direction or another to make it into a rectangle, or type in the width and height you want in inches in the text boxes beside that button.


Hang in there - I know it’s frustrating when you are trying to learn something like this.
You’ll get the hang of it!


That “square button” you show in your screenshot is actually the autofocus indicator. It shows where you clicked when you did a “set focus.”

If you want to add a rectangle for cutting, you need to go to the toolbar and click the square/circle symbol, like so:

Then when the submenu opens click the rectangle:


It sounds like you haven’t walked through the tutorials. I would highly recommend doing so or you are setting yourself up for so much frustration.

Start here and walk through all the steps on the left side.


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