Cut on card stock

When I cut a silhouette out. The part I want to stay falls out. What am I doing wrong?

If you can post photos of what you are trying to do and what you want to happen it will be easier to help you. There just isn’t enough information in your post to be able to assist in any meaningful manner.

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Which part specifically? Do you mean the text on the bottom?

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The cut out of tree, couple, and text needs to be on a 5x7 wedding invitation.

Sorry…still confusing. The couple and the tree are cut out…were you going to glue them onto an invitation or were you hoping to use what’s left…the ‘hole’…like a stencil? And the text is a mess, so not sure what to think of that.

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It is suppose to be a silhouette to go on top of a sunset. I do not know what I am doing. I was asked to do a cut out for a 5x7 sunset card. It will go on top.

Do you have a photo example of what you’re trying to do?

He sent me this. Told me if I had any other ideas to go with couple I could change it. I wanted to do a couple of different ones. Just don’t know what to do.

Couple of options for you:

  1. You could cut the image out of the outside part of the card, and have a lining sheet of paper inside in a colour (co-ordinated with their wedding colours would be nice) so that you can see through the cutout to the paper behind
  2. You could cut these elements out and stick them on the front of the card

Either way you will need a card scored and folded that will stand up, and you can either cut the design out of it, or cut it out of another card and stick it on top.

You can also score some of the elements instead of cutting them all the way through, but for card you will want to make sure you’re not burning all the way through it. There are posts here about settings for card stock that will help you.

Here is a good one to get you started:

I think I’ve seen you post before about this as I recognise the dog and that someone added it for you. My personal recommendation is that you post a gig on a site where designers are and ask them to make this a laser friendly design for you. It will cost you a minimal amount and will probably solve your problems very quickly.


Thank you so much for the ideas. This is a great start.

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Getting silhouette made for this isn’t to difficult but it will require either adding some vector lines and joining nodes and breaking nodes, or using some shapes and do some unions or differences.

Look at the bottom grass where the couple is standing. You would need to break a node and take a line and join it to a line on the base of the tree.

Did you scan the drawing and put it into a vector editing program? If you post that vector, I’ll have ago at it. Otherwise if you take another shot of the card/drawing that doesn’t have any shadows and is a bit flatter, I think I can trace an outline of it for you and do some of the connecting.

I certainly appreciate the difficulty of thinking through this puzzle and using the design tools to join what needs to be joined. Here is something I did that I had to think through to make sure things didn’t drop out.


I will look at all this in the morning. Thank you so much.


What about this?

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That will work as a start. I’ll try to get to it this evening to give you some pointers, but for something like this, when I was first starting, I would have just done a painstaking hand trace with vectors. I do have that particular font installed though, so that would make it easy.

Importing the bitmap into Inkscape gave at least a traceable image, but the outlines are not quite sharp or defined enough to work with without a lot of manual tweaking. A real artist could draw one of the corner ornaments easily enough and multiply and rotate them for the border. Also easy enough to do the outline of the couple and the horse and dog.

This is where my limits as a graphic designer comes in. I can do stuff mechanically with a lot of tweaking, but I just can’t do the fluid drawing of vectors that is required. It’s a good idea. Here is the design that is offered for by a sheet metal fabricator.

since it is an existing design, I’d try and look for an original and see if you can purchase it.


OK. This is the best answer. I really appreciate the help. Thank you so much everyone for the input. I am learning each day.

@clevengertrina, I’m so glad you got the answer you needed! Thanks everyone for the helpful information.