Cut order in Ai Groups

What exactly determines the order paths to be cut in Ai layers? If I have a ‘group’ of paths, is it top to bottom? Or random? I’d like certain things to be cut first before a shape is cut out so when it drops it won’t slightly shift any other cuts or scores.

The order of operations it’s determined by color. Each color can be assigned settings separately and the order can be rearranged on the left hand side by drag and drop.

If you’re asking about order within an operation, you don’t have much control over that.

To accomplish the cut out last, choose a different color for that operation. I tend to use red for that since it is last of the primary colors.


Thanks I’ll try that.

I was looking for the settings for changing the color but I can’t find that. I just see profile settings.

You set the colors in your design software and the GFUI discriminates by color and entity type.

A red vector will be interpreted as a cut (you can change to score or engrave if you want) , where a red bitmap would be an engrave as your only option.

Link to the thread discussing Color Ordering here:


When you read the thread that @Jules posted by @marmak3261, make sure to read the comments. There’s a lot of additional goodness there. I use the Wong color set most of the time now.

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Nice thanks. It was confusing at first but now I got it just right.

Thanks for the answers everyone! Great team work @markwal, @Jules, @hansepe, and @sailbyc. I’m going to close this thread - if you have another question, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!

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