Cuts on Thick Clear PG Acrylic not finishing

Since yesterday, any cuts that I make on Thick PG clear acrylic are not completely finishing, leaving a small burr (that’s fairly sharp on the finger, I might add).

For example, I am trying to finish up a run of round awards made from thick clear acrylic and when it cuts out the circle, there’s always a burr left in the same place on each item (pretty much straight at 9:00 on the circle where the cut finishes).

This has happened on the last 3-4 consecutively that I have cut in the last day or two.

The items I cut out of walnut PG cut smoothly and completely during the same time period.


Well, aside from your problem with the cut, you can file that off with a stroke or two and flame polish it with a propane torch.

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Sure. It’s not a tough fix, but I don’t want to have to do that, of course. It’s been cutting perfectly until today.


I understand. You shouldn’t have to. I was just offering a fix.

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I would take a close look at the belts and rails to be sure no debris have been entangled.


I know - and I really appreciate you here and all you do here in the forums. You’re awesome. :slight_smile:

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Ooh, good idea. I need to give it some thorough cleaning anyway, so that won’t be a bad thing. I’ll check around here for tips for good cleaning practices.

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This forum is awesome. Its resources (the people, their experience and willingness to help) are a real treasure!

I’m sure you’ve probably checked - but the cut line is a completely closed path, right?

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Yes. In fact, it’s an image I’ve cut many times before with no issues.

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I can’t help with the issues, but wanted to say what a nice award. I especially love the base. :slight_smile:


Yes, I neglected to mention that. Nice work there @BigBlueMark!

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Have you zoomed in on node edit mode to double check the handles of a possible node glitch? That’s one source of something like this I have seen.

Have you been able to reproduce it using a totally new ellipse that you made or is it only this file?

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Thanks for your question - that’s a good one.

But in this case, it’s the same file I’ve used earlier this week with no issues, so this is a new thing happening.

Wow, what a good looking award!

I’m so sorry about the burrs. I’ll take a look and update the thread when I have more information.

Thanks again for letting us know about this – I’ve let the team know about your experience.