PG Thick Acrylic Still Leaving a Burr


We I’ve posted about this previously and haven’t had improvement or a solution, so I wanted to mention it again since it’s still happening to me, but the result is slightly different. It was previously a burr type of thing but now it’s a bit more smooth - but still an issue of not cutting all the way through smoothly and always in about the same place.

Whenever I cut a circle like the piece you see below, it always leaves an odd burr or rough place somewhere around the 9 o’clock to 10 o’clock position.

Today I even ran two passes on the outside cut. But the circle still took a small tap to fall out rather than falling out on its own - so there’s clearly an issue somewhere.

Cutting 3M VHB double face tape

curious to see what the answer is. Have you noticed if this “burr” is occurring near where the cut path for the circle starts and finishes?


I would looking into adding a small lead-in and lead-out. This is an extra little path used in machining to eliminate this type of defect when cutting with a milling machine. Just make a couple of short tangent curves for your lead-in and lead-out and set them up as all one path and the laser should start at one end of the lead-in, run around the circle, and end with the lead-out. I haven’t tried it though, so YMMV.


I’ve seen similar artifacts, though not as dramatic. They definitely occur at the start/end point on the circular cut.


A fix might be to rotate your art 90 degrees so at least the tick is at the bottom and is not visible when on display. I know its still a problem but at least you can create things you can use / present.


I thought about the same thing. Thanks for the reminder! I’ll try that.


That’s what I’ve been wondering too. Each time I totally forget about it and forget to watch where it starts/ends. Gotta make a note for next time.


It happens on the Redsail. There’s even a setting to make it overshoot the end of the line to make sure it goes far enough to cut. You can get the same thing by overlapping a fraction of the curve with a duplicate (copy the original and then cut out an inch to drop on top of where the cut starts/stops).


Thanks again for letting us know about this. We’ve seen this, too, and the team is looking into it. Unfortunately, I don’t have any more information right now.

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