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Has anyone tried recently to create a slight bevel with the Glowforge by varying the power/depth of cut progressively inward? I saw this thread: Angled cuts via engraving but it was from a few years back, though it talks about gradients on the image being applied as different powers in the software? Again, the idea would be that it might be slightly stair-stepped instead of totally smooth, but for something thin maybe you wouldn’t have too much stair-stepping?


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@rbtdanforth has been going deep on 3d engraves lately… he might have some advice.


I think there’s been several talks about it. Have you read through these yet?

And this teaser from @cynd11

This seems pretty good too


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Actually this post might be of more interest, if it’s custom bevel cuts in mats that are of interest:


In Gimp you can create a path along the edge of a white selection area and draw a line along the path that of course only show up inside the selection mask. A Gaussian blur of a defined width will create even shading of that width and a bevel when engraved.


Thank you all. It sure seems from the posts here and other posts that you can attempt a bevel with a 3D engrave to some degree. I think now I just need to learn how in the software to do a 3D engrave like @evansd2 mentioned, but I can probably wait a week or so until my machine arrives so I can play with it and it making 3D engraving may be more obvious than I think :slight_smile:



Good news: scroll back up and read what @rbtdanforth said, he gave you pretty detailed instructions about how to get started. As you get more into it, you’ll probably want to learn a bit more about what kind of gradients your blur functions put on your art, are they linear or logarithmic, etc. In theory linear gradients make flat slopes in engraves, but that’s just in theory – your material choice and thickness will matter a lot more than the gradient probably. @rbtdanforth has a lot more practical experience on this than I do, so I am just going on general theory.


Perfect. Looking forward to trying this once I get my unit!


Before getting the unit I would be practicing with Gimp and Inkscape so that when you have the Glowforge you are ready to go. :grin:

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