Teaser: Mitered Cuts


…for a project I’m working on…

Beveling edges
Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending May 13th, 2017


I’m gonna guess you placed them on a jig


Global thermonuclear in 3…2…1… :smile:


Shots fired. Now I’m expecting @Jules to do a stellar mike drop on this.


I only wish I had time right now… (still tutorialing in the background.) :smile:

I’ll get back to designing and playing a bit soon I hope.


What sorcery is this!




My fellow Glowforgers here amaze me daily. This is today’s, maybe this week’s.
You do realize that with great power comes great responsibility right?
We’ll expect a full tutorial on this once you have it fully figured out.


See those burned edges? HC SVNT DRACONES!!





Beveling edges

Dimensions ?


Haha–knew it wouldn’t be long before there was another. Good way to tilt a bottle of fingernail polish!

So, @nunzioc got it right, I used a jig that I cut on the Glowforge. Here it is:

And of course you are limited by how long your piece can be (about 2.6" or so, max), but you can make it pretty wide–8" or so… I’m waiting to get another part I need before I will know the exact dimensions, then I’ll cut it out of walnut.

Stained Glass Lamp with Mitered Corners

Some great tutorial potential there… :wink:


Very cool, i’ve been hoping to see someone do this instead of the puzzle piece corners you traditionally see with lasers. :bulb:


Wow! This is something I assumed wouldn’t be practical at any dimension.


This is something I’d totally use. I friggin’ hate finger joint box connections so I was looking for another way to do joinery. A miter like this would be perfect!


Would it be possible/sensible to produce a joint with a lapped mitre joint, with a series of cuts/engraves, at different depths ?
This assumes you have no other wood working tools/facilities, of course.




This is brilliant proof of concept. Now what we want is some of the miter-based joints you can’t easily make with regular tools, like the splined miters and blind finger-joint miters.