Cutting Panel Board

I purchased an SVG file. I am trying to cut the panel board from Lowes. It is only 1/8 width. I have tried every setting, as high as I can get it in the setting! Please help! I am so frustrated.

Can you send us a screenshot of your settings? You probably need to slow the speed down.

You might want to take a look on the forum about “material test” methods:
Here’s my favorite thread on the topic:

Using that method you can figure out what settings you need to get through your material.

You should make sure the panel board your trying to cut it safe to laser as well… I don’t know what that kind of stuff is usually made of.


thank you so much!! I will work with it!!

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As already noted, you will need to test with new material. Also, high settings may not be what you think they are. Please read this information regarding manual settings so you have a better understanding of the interaction of power/speed/lpi settings.

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Is “panel board” the same thing as “hardboard”?
If so try speed 130 power 100.

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