Cutting Silicone Sheets

I’m brand new to the forum so apologies in advance but after several lengthy attempts to locate any relevant information I’m posting here.

I’m using a GF Basic

I have 1.5mm thick, medium blue, untreated 100% silicone sheets that I want to cut patterns out of (not engrave).

Any guidance/experience on the matter… can I, should I, setting suggestions, considerations such as cleanup?

Much appreciated!

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There have been posts about engraving silicone, especially bracelets. Try searching the forum for “silicone” and you’ll find some.

Here’s one:


Thanks I have and skimmed quite a few but I’m reluctant to interpret engraving for my purpose of cutting.

Mostly looking for a concise process for cutting straight through. Perhaps I’m over thinking it.

Well I have that too!

You’ll zero right in no problem.


It can be done. I’ve done lots of silicone gaskets. It’s dirty though. No matter what color (although black is worse) you’re going to end up with a lot of crud deposited on everything in the machine. I found it best to clean the lenses every sheet otherwise the cutting performance suffers & doesn’t go all the way through. I was doing kiss cuts though - through the silicone but not all the way through the bottom layer of masking I put on it.


Here’s my update… I’ve cut a but and experimented a bunch.

Multiple passes barely reduced charing so that was a non factor.

Single pass on basic full power 160 cuts clean and interestingly enough the machine is much cleaner than the multiple pass.

It chars a bunch but flakes off easily.

Bottom line is clean cut with less mess in the machine is a big win because I was needing to clean very frequently.


hows do i cut the little holder thing…