Cutting wood

Hello fellow GF’ers,

I am attempting to cut this out of wood to attach to a canvas.

I am having trouble with getting the letters to connect & iy actual item out.

Any advice?

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Are you planning to cut out the actual letters? That script font probably won’t work for you if so, it’s 'way too thin to work as a cutout. :neutral_face:

Aside for that, for making cutout lettering I usually lay it out the way I want it to look when I cut it, so I can use the material it came out of as a guide while I’m gluing it in place, to keep everything straight.


Not quite sure what you want to cut out. Do you want to cut out a shape that encloses the engraved text on the plywood?

How would you attach it to the canvas.

Or do you want to cut out individual letters that you can glue onto canvas? Which i think @geek2nurse is referring to.


I want to cut the words together so I can place them on a canvas & not ha e to mess with each individual letter.

I want then to say together, each line, so I’m just measuring lines & not letter, spacing.

I’m going to try to just engraving on canvas.

See how it works.

Thanks for your reply.

I’ll update.

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There is an outline option if you have premium that will make one piece that outlines the text or make it a “stamp” and it will be raised letters,

Working on the canvas I would go very lite on wet canvas so to do really minimum damage to the canvas.

I understand now. Canvas does mark well. If you don’t have Premium, what design software?

If not up on design software yet software read this topic. It has a file with various shapes you can place in the design. Right click and save it

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