Damaged Shipping Box - Good Enough for Return?

So my replacement Glowforge arrived last week with every paper tape seal split (including the long one at the bottom of the box), 0 handles, a compression wrinkle at one end and a rather large gash at the other. It is my opinion that the paper tape it totally inadequate for this heavy a box but that’s another matter…

I had this unit held at the depot for pickup (good thing…) and had UPS add the plastic tape so I could get it home. (it was that, or refuse delivery which I was not about to do.) Amazingly the unit works just fine!

Pics attached:

I know we need to keep the boxes in case of warranty return, so my question is: does Glowforge consider this box acceptable for a return?


OMG… that is one sad box! I’m so glad that your Glowforge isn’t damaged. Whoa look at that gap/dent on the corner… this is like a bad car accident that I can’t look away///


Glad it was okay.
I imagine you were having some sad thoughts until you got it to make something.
It is almost like they really have it in for heavy boxes…

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I think shipping companies see words like “fragile” and “this end up” as challenges. Maybe these need to be shipped with “kick down a flight of stairs” and “drag for last mile” stickers on the boxes. Label the handles as souvenirs for the delivery guy. Use tape with “cut here for ventilation” printed on it. A bit of reverse psychology might result in boxes showing up in better condition.


hahahaha! Best idea ever!

My favourite: “Drag for last mile” bahahha

Not really your problem. Tape it up as good as you can if you need to send the unit back. The box is part of the original delivery. You could check with Support but in no way would you be expected to buy a new box for a return, as long as it is a warranty return.


I agree that Glowforge’s tape is completely inadequate. Mine still had its tape intact on one long edge, though. (It was 90% sliced through on the other long edge and for whatever reason they put none on the short edges.)


If I had to send mine back in the box I have, it would be 60% box, 40% packing tape.
Hopefully you’ll never have to send yours back. If you do, do what you can. This is the real world. It’s like you can do more than you can.


No really, the box was fine when it left your house, that’s just the way UPS handles them.

If UPS accepts them for shipping and Glowforge won’t spring for new cardboard, ship on my friend!


Omg - this is terrible handling

The tape is really only to keep the long edges from flairing out and adding extra sideways torque to the handles resulting in extra pop-out handles(and UPS is mis-“handling” them enough as it is). Essentially, it’s secondary re-enforcement, not primary and given what UPS is doing to the boxes, I’m not convinced better/more tape would help the boxes or further encourage the handling personnel to…fondle with love.


I’m sorry to hear that the shipping company didn’t handle your Glowforge delivery properly. Thanks for letting us know, and for sending pictures. In the unlikely case that you need to use the box for a warranty return, we’ll make sure that you don’t need to purchase a new one.