Dan, where’s my proofgrade order?

This is last time I’m wasting time ordering proofgrade material. I placed an order two weeks ago. The web site said they had plenty of inventory (or I wouldn’t be able to order it). Now customer support say they can’t ship my order as they have no inventory. I want to know where that inventory went that was there when I ordered. This isn’t the first time either.

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Same here been waiting for 3 weeks, even have a tracking number. I think they printed the shipping label then realized they were out now the tracking number just sits there with no updates…

Thank you for drawing this to our attention. @simon and @gamn1958, I’ve responded to emails from each of you. I apologize for the shipping disruption, and want to make sure you know that we’ve just switched to a totally new fulfillment center, which will help us avoid situations like this in the future.