Dec 2016 Glowforge Q&A


Well if they all have to be shipped back and replaced then that is three times the eye wateringly expensive overseas shipping cost. Plus the problems exporting without regulatory approvals. So I can see why beta and pre-release are only domestic.


True. Still feel kind of bad for y’all.


This would be great as a separate topic too so people don’t miss it


Which one?

(Never mind…I followed the link. I’ll set it up in the Q&A section a bit later.)


The Catalog has long been scheduled as being made available soon after the Glowforge ships. With pre-production units now shipping and the production release once again being moved back, what are he current plans regarding The Catalog? Any chance we can start browsing and wishlisting in there while we wait?

Presumably you had planned for it to come online within the next month or so given the planned launch, so it shouldn’t be a huge burden from a technical standpoint. Obviously we can’t yet purchase anything, but we could at least ‘ooh’ & ‘ah’ over our upcoming freebies.

Bonus points if people are able to start creating and uploading designs for sale to others…


This has been a while so forgive me if I’m wrong, but based on comments made in response to similar questions, I think they don’t really want people uploading things that haven’t been tested on a glowforge, or something to that effect.


One of the staff members I chatted with at NYC Maker Faire works primarily on the catalog. I cannot even remember the gender of the employee at this point… pretty sure it was a lady, but I apologize if it was not.

She said that the catalog is pretty much done. But they are able to continue making it better every week. Once it gets public eyes, they won’t be allowed to tweak as much (Imagine the massive outcry if Amazon marketplace were to do something so simple as move the “Add to cart” button at this point…).

She did not give away anything about what the catalog is like, but was very open to hearing stories about what people are hoping it will be like. So I have high hopes that they are absorbing all kinds of ideas and finding ways to implement them.


@dan I’m sticking around… after watching the live Q&A I feel sweet about it to be honest!! I trust you, inventive man with voice and face on internet :slight_smile: haha. I just really hope this is the LAST delay… I’ve talked it up too much people will start thinking I’m telling them porkies!! hahaha
Right, get on with your work… and get us this incredible Glowforge that IS going to change my world!!! Wooooop. Thanks for taking time to reply.
I hope your server can cope once all us crazies get our piece of kit!!! :grin:


Nope! can pretty much guarantee the servers going down the first day someone announces they’ve have “the email”.:grin:


Google servers.
even if everyone logs on at once, it should only be a very small drop in a very large bucket.


It’s true, but never underestimate some bottleneck snagging us early on. We can scale around it once we find it, but bugs will be bugs.


@dan While I appreciate the honest communication, here is my real issue with being late, delayed and postponed…

I took a business line of credit as a small business owner thinking I would make my money back by using to create goods and add another tool to my small production line.
This should have allowed me to generate an extra stream of income about a year ago already, instead I keep paying interest on that line every month because I want to make a point of using it to pay that line back…

I do understand the process and again, I appreciate honesty and transparence in your communication style.
I really wish I knew when I will get my Glowforge laser because it does start to get quite an issue at this point as much as I do understand your situation.

I am still paying every month interests and keep pushing back small projects with local business owners… Pretty sad situation, isn’t it?

Also, what are the pre release (not beta, right? ) ?
Why there was not a way to get in on it and if I missed it, how to do so or what criteria? (I know this is a very ungrammatically correct way of asking… don’t mind my english, mind my french, lol

(curious about what I do as a designer / artist?


I’m so sorry we let you down, Tommy. Unfortunately there’s no way to get early delivery.


Pre-Release is hardware they think is finished but are testing in the wild to see if that’s true. There may be parts swapped out from one supplier to another for the production builds but the hardware design and build process is thought to be solid.

To get into the pool of potential Pre-Release selectees you need to be signed up for the Beta tester program and in the U.S. due to the shipping & time (those units are shipped back to GF when you they are replaced with a production release version).


Some cool stuff in there!

D’abord, lisez ceci, et puis remplir si tu veux. Ils choisissent les candidats “pre-release” du même group que les bêta. Quelqu’un qui vit dans les États-Unis, dont la langue maternelle n’est pas l’anglais peut etre util pour eux, j’en sais pas.

(je m’excuse, je n’écris pas tellement bien en français.)


Thanks for all the information and links, I will definitely take a look at it…
As for my frenchness, who knows… I always thought it was a curse more than anything…ahah


@dan sorry if this has been asked before as I do mainly read as much of most of the topics but may have missed where it may have been asked so here goes. Is there a plan/way to eventually remove the bottom of the unit add say an expansion unit so a rotary may be installed so the glow forge may be able to engrave round objects?


The question has been asked several times before. Official answer: No. Unofficial forum answer: we’ll see once it’s in our hands.


Thanks as I said I’ve read alot in these forums but there is just so much can’t keep up w/ it all.


No, the bottom is permanently attached. This gives the case significant additional stability and stiffness versus a temporarily attached opening, which improves performance.

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