December 2015 Deliveries

From what I can make out, Glowforge was going to ship the first units to maker spaces by end of December.
Did this happen?
Has there been any feedback/reviews from the Makerspaces

I am itching to see some new videos on Youtube.

Just some beta units in undisclosed locations for now.:slightly_smiling:

@spike, do you reside in an undisclosed location?


If he did, he couldn’t get his Forge. My money is a mass migration of forgers to their garages come the first shipment.

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I think some of the units had non disclosure agreements, if not all(having some sort of one, some ofcourse are in public places). I don’t think all units are in hands yet. I think we will see more by the end of the month, after all of the January conferences.

I for one haven’t got a beta unit, happy to help though :wink:

Or are you just saying you didn’t get one because that’s what your NDA said to say!?!? :confused:

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I was not here, I did not read this… This did not happen…

Dan has said that the first beta units were going to testers in the Seattle area, presumably so they can be checked and serviced by staffers.

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My husband is looking at others lasers, feel like I could be making stuff instead of just thinking about it. I kinda expected the beta testing to have been done. It frustrates me to have bought pro the 1st day and feel like my money is nowhere.

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We all feel that way at times, but look at it this way… If you did not know about the GF until June of this year, you would have waited or you would have bought a different brand and looked back and said “I wish I waited a little longer.”

The beta testing is doing the job of making sure the product is the best it can be before it ships. It’s well worth the wait.

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We would love to hear about the Beta testing. Are there any updates as to when we might be getting our unit. We are excited to get started creating with the awesome machine!

I somewhat expected to hear something about the beta so far.
I am 100% curious about it but 0% concerned.

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I have been off the forms for a bit, but it seems this has been a growing concern. I did not sign up for the beta, and once Dan posted about it, that changed my mind of thinking. Before I was thinking we would get it in December, as a none beta. But I now believe none beta units won’t ship out until March at the earliest. I have no facts to back this up, this is just how I feel, and from taking part in other kickstarter projects. The longer they take the better a product we will receive. It would be nice to hear about some of the things people are doing/making, but I understand about people taking things the wrong way. We just have to wait and see.


I wouldn’t worry until you start receiving @dan 's communications direct from Dubai (No Extradition) :wink:


March would have to be the LATEST for the first wave, as they promised a first quarter shipping date.

Unfortunately it’s just a estimate, it could take much longer then that.

Any update would be nice about the units, even if it’s negative. Hopefully we will get a update sometime soon

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I just hope I’m not six months or a year out before delivery. I literally had to stop cutting my art pieces out by hand because it was too hard on my back. So, no art, unhappy artist. When I discovered Glowforge, it sounded like it was imminent, and I coughed up the funds for a Pro (anything to save my aching back). Now, it just seems like there is so little information coming our way. Have the betas shipped? Can we at least know that? Will the rest of the units ship by Q2 2016? Even if it’s a non-binding estimate, it would be better than this silence. Also, if we could see a queue, and know our place in it, that would at least allow us to handicap this thing a bit. Frustrating.

I would also love to know about the Beta process. But thinking about it in terms of if I was the one running things here:

First few out are not just local, but also people I have interacted with and “felt out” during the open house.

I am giving them the machines we have available on location. Not the “nearly done” demo ready units that I took to CES. But the ones in the back that have had a few fires in them already. These are cobbled together with various sample pre-pro parts which were rejected, so we already know a lot is out of spec on each of the maybe 3 machines.

Since we already know so much is out of spec, what actually does work in a way that is worth testing is pretty limited. Each beta participant has a very narrow scope of focus.

I want these guys to stay on track, and not get distracted. So I don’t want the forum at large to be pestering them for a YouTube or other review (especially since that will rapidly move out of their narrow scope and run afoul of problems we know exist, since these are using rejected parts in many areas)

Of course, I want to tell the forum that the beta has indeed started. But the damn Map (which is awesome in every other regard) means that they know who is in Seattle, and almost certainly will flood those members with PMs until they know who is the actual beta participant.

So… if I was running the show, and I had indeed started up the beta program at the local level… I do not think I would be willing to tell people. Even if “the villagers have torches and pitchforks” because they believe no beta has started yet at all.

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No, its not.