Delaying delivery: options?

Well - after years the Glowforge “golden mail” finally arrived also for internationals…but for me, it’s not a very good time! (Oh, the irony).

Just to understand: the only delay option is now or when the filter is ready, right?

Cause the filter seems not so surely on track - for now, my “filter date” is at the end of june, but I’d hate to see it go further and further in time bringing my ready GF with him…

You can also wait for the software to be finished, but who knows how long that will be because they never will say.

You can delay a short time by waiting before you reply to the email.

Yep, that’s true.

But in the end…there’s no “Ehi, could you send it…in July?”, right?

Now (with little delay in answering the mail), with the filter (who knows when, prediction is the end of june), when the software is done (well…“who knows when” squared).

For those that flagged my post see here: where GF try to claim the machine has 0.5" focus range by claiming 0.1" out of focus is in focus despite that making the spot 45% bigger and the power density half as much.

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Not sure why that was flagged.

It does not appear to violate any of the community standards.


Yes some people don’t like to hear the truth and try to hound those that speak it out of the forum.

Unfortunately discourse allows mob rule.

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My guess is that “lie” is a trigger word for some folks that fools them into thinking that some community standard has been violated regardless of the validity of the claim.

I’ve noticed making the same accusation with the word “misrepresent” seems to annoy them less.

Though I risk the flag here, I suppose, for provoking a metaphysical argument about truth and falsehood, subtleties in English language definitions, etc. with a bit of legal liability thrown in for good measure.

Ah well, it is their forum.


I think it’s less that then having it slapped again and again and again in their faces like a dead fish which seems to presume we’re all too stupid to understand (or at least not nearly as intelligent as the fish wielder). Most everyone has figured out whether the machine will meet its intended purpose for them and if not, left; and if so, doesn’t need to be bludgeoned with what is to them trivialities of engineering precision that makes no meaningful difference to getting what they want out of the machine.

If the machine achieves acceptable results on material from 0.01" to 0.5" I (and many others) don’t give a rodent’s derriere if it does it in 32 steps, 16 steps or even effin 1 step. The engineering just doesn’t matter. You can explain all you want how it’s not really focused but if I can’t tell the difference, then for me it is and I expect that’s true of almost everyone still here - we care about the reality of the results we are getting, not about how it’s being achieved by the hardware and software.

You can argue that I’m accepting (or defending) a lie, but I’m not. It’s not the technical engineering of focusing that I assumed I was buying when told it would handle material up to 0.5" - it’s the results. They look focused to me so they’ve done what they said & what I bought. It is entirely meaningless that it’s technically focused only up to .470" (or whatever). I bought results and am not presuming to dictate the how used to achieve those results. I can stick a half-inch thick piece of material in there and get as good or better results than I get with the Redsail so it’s focused. Don’t care what your stepper calculations tell you. Don’t care where the wasp-waist of the focal cone lies or where the depth of field expands outwards.

I (and almost everyone else I expect) make this same judgement every day about many products - my kitchen oven only holds + - 2.5 degrees. Is Samsung a SCAMMING LYING SCUMBAG company because they’re not really letting me set it to 350 degrees? I can’t actually ever really get there except by the vagaries of the swing in the temperature. But they tell me I can. There’s even a button that says it does it, it’s got bright LEDs saying it’s set that way but my other temperature monitors & probes say that’s not the case and due to the thermistor being used I’m pretty sure it’s not possible to be that accurate. Do I care? Not a freaking bit - the cakes and pies and cookies come out fine.

I suspect your flag was due to some way in which you phrased whatever you said or failed to provide the whole story on something and twisted or slanted it so it looks like you’re an innocent victim of the mob vs fully responsible for the results of your own actions. (And no I didn’t flag it so I don’t know what caused it - just my speculation. Not that I wouldn’t applaud the mob :slight_smile: )

It’s interesting to me though because Scott is equally disturbed by many things about the GF but is putting his money where his mouth is and making positive contributions both to the current state of the knowledge of the device, without judgement; and he’s advancing an alternative in the event either GF goes away and the cloud leaves us with bricks or as an option for folks who can’t use the machine as effectively as they might because of the cloud dependency. He’s not just saying things, he’s doing something. I’ll defend him, including his recent post about the GF failure to post their firmware as promised and required by Open Source licensing because he’s a positive force.


Scott is a bit more tactful and less blunt than me. However l only stated that gf were lying about the focus in passing, as a reason l did not accept it. The fact the horse got flogged is because l got flagged for telling the truth. How does that break the forum guidelines?

Have you ever tried engraving at 0.5" and compared it with 0.4"?

The original advertising said you could cut .5" material by doing double sided cuts. That is compromised by only being able to focus at 0.417".

Scott is doing something positive for gf owners. I am doing something positive by creating an alternative for people that are happy to make their own.

So far gf does nothing I cannot do myself. If it did what was promised I would struggle to make something as good.

Nope. I can do single-sided 1/2" cuts in some materials (like poplar). I can do double-sided cuts in others (gotta jig it). You may have a theoretical reason that 1/2" can’t be cut because it focuses at .417" but reality gets in the way :slight_smile:


And I’m sure you’ve never told a lie on accident and then backed it up when challenged… the fact they banned you is disturbing though. :worried:

I do believe you just claimed that you, yourself, with no tools, can precisely cut a whole host of materials. I am impressed. Or are you going to back out of that “lie”

The whole story there is not likely to come out - GF won’t comment and so at best we’ll hear only one side. Considering what folks have said and done here (including myself) over the past couple of years and only seeing one forum time-out, I don’t think it’s done lightly.

Folks, please… I suggest this isn’t the place for this. A fellow owner has opened a case and would like a resolution. If I may, let’s please focus on helping the user in this thread. If you can’t offer that help, it might be best to keep the thread less-cluttered for those who can. I very much would like to see the “other conversation” be continued, in an appropriate thread.



No I claim I can make a laser cutter that does what the GF currently does now. Nothing remarkable like was advised.

Fair enough. Lucky you that you can make a laser cutter as good as the GF. I can’t. I bet most of the people here can’t, especially at this price point. That’s why we’re here. Not to rant about being deceived over and over across so many different topics. I’m sorry your post got flagged, and I’m sorry for poking fun at you in some of my other posts. @Tom_A has a point though, so I’ll bow out of this discussion.

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Yeah guys…I’m sorry that everything turned in a flame.

My question was real: is there a way to delay the shipment without binding it to the filter/software/what else/the 2.0 version of the glowforge? @dan?

If not, I’ll go with the “istant delivery” and whatever! :slight_smile:

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Honestly, that flame thing pops up everywhere. (Internet.) :smile:

If I were in your shoes, I’d take delivery. (Yeah, having it sit there would be tough, but you’ve waited two years, and maybe you could work out a venting solution in the interim).

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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No well…the real problem is that, meanwhile, I decide to marry the mad girl who 7 years ago thought “This guy has the right type of weirdness, I like it!”.

Having to pay import taxes between now and the end of June is a little pain in the ass, in July/August it could be waaaay better! :smiley:

But if it’s not an option, I’ll take istant delivery :slight_smile:


Ahah! Yes, the spouse must factor into the equation. (Lots of good benefits there though, so congratulations are in order either way.) :smile:

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