Delivery Delay

I ordered my Basic on 9/21 with an EDD of 10/19 (a Saturday). On October 13th I had read TWO different posts in GF groups of people having ordered a Basic on 10/9 and both had received them by the 15th?!?!? I sent an email and Gary D responded with what I know now is a standard form response that my machine was on track to be delivered on the 19th (doubtful anyway because it’s FedEx delivery). Then the evening of the 18th I received a $50 gift card and an email stating there are delays,etc. I find it hard to believe that on the 13th, it was not apparent that I would not receive my machine on the 19th. And it’s super irritating that replies like this are being sent out because clearly no one is even doing any research at all.
My delivery date has not changed in my account. I have an email in requesting info and have not gotten a response save the auto-reply. Now I know I haven’t spent $6000 on a Pro but $2500 is not a small amount of money and my credit card was charged on 9/21. I am now paying off a $2500 charge, with no machine, no real explanation, and no idea when it will actually ship while people who have ordered weeks after me have RECEIVED their Basics before mine was even supposed to SHIP. It almost feels like the money we spend is being used to make machines for orders placed previously. I really hope that is not the case and I’d appreciate it if someone could give me some accurate info and not just regurgitate shipping dates and nonsense back to me. SEVERAL people have received the same vague delay email and $50 gift card, and while I appreciate the gift card, I’d rather have the $2500 machine I paid for 30 days ago.

Updated to add: My machine was delivered on 10/25. I wish there were better communication from GF. It would alleviate a lot of negative feelings AND posts.


I’m right there with you. I ordered my basic on 9/22 and it was set to delivery today. I reached out to customer service last week to ensure it was on it’s way so I could be home to sign for it after finding that out on a facebook group and the person who emailed me back stated she confirmed it was set to delivery today and all was good. Not even 24 hours later, I received the same email as you that there was not enough to be shipped and my order was one of the unfortunate ones that is now back ordered. Yes, I got the $50 but I’d really love a better update instead. I now have a monthly payment for a machine that I haven’t received yet.

For a multi million dollar company, customer service and updates should be a little more important to them. $2500 is a lot of money for a small business to spend and start paying for, without making any profit from it!


I experienced the same thing, I ordered on September 6th and my account said I was supposed to receive it mine by October 5th. I had multiple emails out to customer service regarding a tracking number or an update on when it would ship. While customer service did response that they are looking into it my GF basic arrived on October 11th before customer service was ever able to provide me an accurate update and tracking information. It was upsetting to see shipped by dates on the website that indicated three weeks and mine took over a month to ship. The GF materials seem to arrive quickly though.

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Were you home to sign for it?

Well, the $50 indicates they are aware of the inconvenience related to your shipment, but if I had to guess, I’d say there is some design change that has held up the process, like the lid black ribbon cable that has been problematic. Just speculation.

For a little perspective, a bunch of us paid in full during the presales program, expecting delivery in a few months, but ended up waiting for two years! There was expected dates announced again and again, and continually missed - so we know of your frustrations.
Thing is @dan wasn’t satisfied with the machine and refused to ship what he felt was inadequate so he took the heat for not shipping as expected… Again and again. That ultimately resulted in a better product for his customers.

As frustrating as it is, I’m betting there is a good reason for the delay, again just my speculation.
What I can say with authority is this machine is amazing to me, and I don’t regret waiting 2 years for it!

Sorry for your frustrations, and I agree that an explanation for the delay would have been better than leaving you wondering what’s going on.
Believe me when I say this angst will disappear when you push that button and watch what happens.

Welcome to the community, we can’t wait to see what you make! :sunglasses:


That stinks that you had to wait that long but this is not a pre-sales situation. If I had been told upfront that I’d have to wait two years, personally I would have passed. Today I got an email reply apologizing for my not getting a tracking number when I asked for an update. I haven’t gotten a tracking number because it hasn’t shipped. The run-around is mind-boggling. It would much better from a customer service standpoint if they were just honest about the delays. I’m sure no one would be upset if they were fixing the black cable issue but all the secrecy and double-talk has me rethinking if I made the right choice here. It’s like they have a variety of pre-written responses to inquiries and just pick whichever they deem is the most appropriate choice, even if it doesn’t answer any questions.



Yes I was actually leaving as fedex pulled up to deliver it. If I had to guess based on my experience it will take about a month. I’m not sure where the disconnect is between the tracking information and customer service there is one. As mentioned I never received one and the delivery date never changed on my account even after the EDD had passed. Customer service was understanding and apologized for the delay. I’m sure you will love your GF once it arrives. The machine is great dispute issues I am currently having it with it.


Agree, with ALL of this :confused:

This might help you to understand what’s going on.

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That’s useful info. Thanks. It would be better if I got that info from them directly in the email replies, instead of BS form replies promising things they either know they can’t fulfill or they have no idea if they can fulfill or not. And unless, I’m reading incorrectly, it doesn’t really account for people ordering the SAME model I did, three weeks after I did and getting it within a week.


They don’t have time to send that out to everyone. They barely have time to send out the short polite replies. :smile:

Since it’s something that the early purchasers are aware of, but none of the new customers know, I thought it was time someone explained it. (I’d appreciate it if you spread the word on other sites as well, I know a lot of new purchasers don’t understand yet, and it can create a lot of anxiety.)

Regarding the timing on your order, that example I gave was over-simplified, because it was getting too long as it was. They actually manufacture out of at least two locations, and it depends on where you are located as to which one gets to build your machine. They do that to keep shipping costs down, so there might have been a problem at the one building your machine. Or you might have just missed a batch switch. (Could be caused by a lot of issues.)

If they sent you a gift card, that was a nice gesture, and it shows that they are aware that your order is still in the system, which is the main thing that concerns me. If it had been shipped and stolen in transit, you wouldn’t have known, so be sure to sign up for UPS MyChoice if you haven’t done it yet. People can miss the emails so easily, and then it causes a lot of delay.


Thank you. We already have UPS My Choice as well as FedEx Delivery manger and USPS Informed Delivery. My mail here can be spotty so I like to know what’s coming and when.

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Quick question…is the FedEx Delivery Manager the one that will notify the recipient that their item has shipped? I wasn’t sure if it was that or tracking and I’d like to stick the correct link in that writeup.

Yes - you can choose what you are notified of, initial shipment, delivery notification and confirmation.

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I ordered some paper from Cricut. Com on Friday. Later that day I got a text that a shipping label was created, another text that it was picked up and scheduled for today and then another after it was delivered. I can also go in and see labels have been created for my HVAC filters that will not ship for a few weeks. It’s free. You should sign up for it.

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Muchas gracias!

I will! (I haven’t had to use the FedEx one so far, but it might come in handy for the Filter shipping.)

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My new unit that I purchased was shipped via Fedex, as well as the replacement. When I initially ordered, I got a shipping notification from Glowforge (it actually shipped before I was ready for it). When the replacement shipped, I found that out from FedEx directly (but still got a notification from Glowforge a day or two later).

Yeah, that would be on the Repair side - I think that group and the Filter group uses FedEx based on what people have reported on the forum. (And what I saw with the filter testing.)

For those of you following along at home, two more people (that I know of) who ordered after me have received either the machine or their tracking for delivery. Just sayin.

Still no information from GF in reply to my email and my EED has not changed from the 19th.

Do you know which version they ordered?