Delivery Status Info?

So I ordered a Basic + Filter on day one (September 24, 2015) and I have white listed on my gmail (maybe a week ago?)… I know I should be getting my email soon, but if your glowforge is ready, is there some kind of status update in your accounts page or something?

I’ve seen some people get unexpected Glowforge deliveries, which I wouldn’t mind, except since I also have an air filter, they won’t ship mine unless I tell them to… what makes me nervous is that I just checked my spam folder and the oldest spam I have only dates back to June 12, 2017… so if I got my shipping email and it got thrown into spam, it’s already been purged!

Just want to make sure I don’t end up a first-day funder that ends up waiting until October to get my Glowforge… =(

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I think there were probably around 300 orders on day one and so far less than 50 emails received, so it is taking weeks to get through the first day orders. It doesn’t look likely they will even be completed this month.

At some point they will have to ramp up to hundreds of orders a day but so far that hasn’t happened. Just a slow trickle so far.

I don’t think anybody has received a GF without getting the email and replying. Some have not had shipping notification before it turned up, but all have had to agree to receiving it.


Nothing in account status. I don’t know for sure, but I think they’ll make a repeat inquiry if they don’t hear from somebody in some timeframe. Again, that’s speculation, but it makes sense and I believe the company really wants to get these things to customers without hassles.

Based on the limited amount of data on our crowd-sourced shipping board, they are approximately up to the orders around 2:00pm on 9/24. What time did you order?

That sounds like complete conjecture and not really fair to throw that around. People will take that statement as fact. I count 29 on the spreadsheet and know that several people who have received tickets haven’t put their info in there - not to mention it has only ~180-something entries with a large number of them being pro orders. That’s a very small sample of the total orders.

@pauljima - being a day 1 basic order, if I were you, I wouldn’t feel bad emailing just to verify that you didn’t miss the email.

Edit: from what folks have said, you are directed to a web page to accept your unit and update/confirm your shipping details. Access to that page should be tied to your specific user account, like the shop.glowforge page, so maybe someone will share that link with you via private message and you can see if you have access/or it requests your shipping details. Or maybe that’s a bad idea.


I started my sentence with “I think”, so yes it is pure conjecture based on forum activity.

If GF displayed the order number they were on for each country and model and each customer could see their order number everybody would know where they were.

It can’t be hard for them to do because that is exactly the information they need to decide who to send the next letter to.


Glowforge is getting confirmation from everybody before shipping, remember they did not collect shipping addresses during the pre-order campaign so they can’t ship until they send that email and get your response. :slight_smile:

Nobody is getting unexpected surprise deliveries, they have all agreed and confirmed to shipment, and are expecting their units to arrive. However it looks like it’s been about 2-3 weeks between confirmation email and delivery and it’s within that time frame that some folks have not received tracking info with their exact delivery date.

Trust me, when you get your address confirmation email, you will spend every minute of the next 2-3 weeks anticipating its arrival. :slight_smile:


Thanks for chiming in, guys. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

@cbarker I ordered mine 9/24/15 at 9:13pm, so I’ve got a ways to go on that spreadsheet, great resource!

@mpipes somewhere on the forum, I can’t recall who, mentioned they got a package but didn’t know what it was… later found it was the glowforge materials pack; OP mentioned not getting an email.

They didn’t get a tracking number email. As @mpipes said, GF doesn’t have our addresses until we supply them upon receipt of the “do you want it” email.

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You’re right near me then!

As they are pushing this consistently, I’d expect both of you to get your emails pretty soon. It is getting quite exciting.

YAY! There are two people on the list who ordered after me! I won’t be last! hahaha


Pointless conjecture. There’s not nearly enough data available to make any estimates that have reasonable error bars.


90% of this forum is pointless conjecture. i mean, any of the shipping threads are even worse since they imply that there’s accurate data backing it up.

(90% is unfair. 75%? :smiley: )


That’s complete conjecture. :slight_smile: what’s the research on what percent of statistics are made up on the spot? :sweat_smile: FWIW, I agree with you. However, if I read that sentence as independent clauses - “I think 300…” and then, “less than 50”, someone else will. Not to get stuck on semantics or grammar, but that’s how I read it. And those are the kinds of things that get stuck in people’s head and rehashed as fact.


sure, i just think some conjecture gets rightly pointed out, and other… doesn’t :wink:

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YAY tongue twister time!

I conjure up conjecture to con the jester!
I conjure up conjecture to con the jester!
I conjure up conjecture to con the jester!
I conjure up conjecture to con the jester!

I speculate some of us are cracking under the anticipation a bit more than others.



No, but we’ll send email. We can’t ship your Glowforge until you reply because we don’t have your address.


Well in the vacuum of information left by GF one has to just make educated guesses. As described above they could easily put us out of our misery by disclosing information they must have at hand. Why is it a secret?

I think there are probably more around 300 orders on the first day from graphs that have been published and probably less than 50 letters but there could be lots of secret customers just like the non-public beta units.

I could be wrong and they might finish the first day basic orders before the end of this month but so far we haven’t seen much acceleration in letters going out or units delivered.

Only the people at :glowforge: HQ have access to that information. It always looks further away from the outside perspective.

I can’t agree there is any vacuum of information since the CEO is actively participating and responding to this thread. It’s perfectly reasonable to be excited and frustrated from wanting to know more and waiting, but the fact that @dan is here and listening and responding shows that indeed there are real people - with lots more skin in the game than $3000 - just remember that your feelings are real and reasonable, just as the :glowforge: team has real and reasonable feelings too, and they are telling us as much as they can right now. They want us to have our machines just as much as we want them, maybe more.