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I haven’t followed the Forum much, so I apologize if this is repetitive–but I need some solid help/feedback.
I’m not much of a “techie”, and I would like to be able to design both patterns and, eventually, objects that can be assembled. Obviously, I’ll have to learn how to use a software program. Can anyone/everyone please make recommendations to me about what might best suit my needs at this point?
Thanks so much for any guidance.


These are the droids you’re looking for:

PS-…Dnd much? My phone just autocorrected droids to druids.


Think of ‘Gimp’ as the free Photoshop, and Inkspcape as the free Adobe Illustrator.
Fusion 360 for 3D.
Best advice I could give is to search/read the forum regarding ‘Raster’ and ‘Vector’ drawing.

There is a lot to learn here, people are very helpful, and the search function is your friend.
Keep asking questions if you need help!


always found shillelagh to be useful at low levels


“Create Water” – used creatively (no pun intended) – is also very useful.


Never could get the hang of druids, I’m typically a bard or pally man, myself.


Sorry to hit reply to you Sawa, always hit the wrong reply button :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much. Greatly appreciated!

THANK YOU! Very helpful.

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Thank you!

Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll check it out!

Mmmhmmm! Sure.

So… the list is amazing. But if you were brand-spanking new to 3D design (but relatively savvy about Photoshop, basic Illustrator tools, etc, etc.) where would you start?

It looks like I’m waiting until August, so I have time to learn!

If you have access to Illustrator/Photoshop and you have some experience with them, that’s a very good place to start. Get more familiar with Illustrator.

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Right now, the best place to start for 3D modeling software tutorials is YouTube. Choose whichever program you want to learn, (I recommend Fusion 360), and do a search for tutorials for that program.

The AutoDesk beginner tutorials for F360 are excellent, and a great place to start.

And John is correct…get really comfortable with Illustrator first, because laser works with 2D interpretations of 3Dmodels.


I grabbed and have played with Fusion 360 though far from good with it as I work way too much for any real free time except 1 every two weeks but it is powerful and it’s free for hobbyists and small businesses under 100k$