Designing work space for laser, filter and material storage

Trying to design work space for GF and Filter. Some pictures or drawings showing laser exhaust port and intake and exhaust of filter would be very helpful. Also, need see how feed thru on GF Pro works, ie location, clearance etc.

The discussion of the filter have me concerned. GF will be set up in basement so external exhaust is a problem. Will I need an extra filter to be safe/comfortable, fumes not captured will defuse thru floor into living space.

What size(s) are the proof grade materials? How much room to store the free samples?

May all this stuff is already somewhere on the forum and I’m not smart enough to find it. If so, please direct me to it.

Can’t wait to get my GF Pro, but also want to have work space ready. Very frustrating not to be able to firm up design.


The issue of pictures or drawings showing laser exhaust port and intake and connection was discussed in this post:

IIRC, no blessed answers were given.

The Glowforge store isn’t open yet, so it’s not easy finding out what Proofgrade sizes they might carry. Strangely, it is hard to find out the size(s) of Proofgrade using search. The best I could come up with was (at which point I gave up the search):

I do not know how much room is required to store the free samples. I don’t have that issue yet.

(On a different topic, if someone could explain to me how to quote just a line from a post I would be appreciative. Thanks!)

All you need to do is highlight just that line from the post, and the Quote selection will pop up, giving you the opportunity to just quote that bit.



Proofgrade sizes are 12"x20" & 6"X12". On the Basic & Pro model’s the exhaust port is on the left side of the machine (4" port). There have been no photos of rear of the Glowforge branded filter (yet).


Except the leather sizes, which are 5" x 10".

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Thanks. On the left side,OK, but on the back vertical or on the bottom?

Back left.