Desmos Math Class Project Engraving and Cutting at the same time

Hello All,
I am new to Glowforge and am working with a high school teacher to help students create ornaments or key chains from their linear equation designs they made in a program called Desmos. Once we create the designs in stl format, how do we both cut and engrave a design?

Thanks for your support!

Hi Julie,

The stl format is going to need to be converted to something that the Glowforge interface can read. STL is a mesh format, it will need to be sliced into 2D representations. I’m not familiar with Desmos, but if it has the ability to export DXF, then you can convert that to either an SVG file using a program like Inkscape (free) or Illustrator by importing the DXF files and then saving the results as SVG. (PDF format is also acceptable.)

There is a short tutorial here that describes the acceptable formats and gives an overview of how to create files for laser cutting.

After that one, I’d read this one on working with vectors.

I’d definitely have the students run through all of the training that Glowforge provides here, to learn to use the machine. (The tutorials run down the left side, and they teach how to use the machine through making sample projects.)


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