Detached Lid Hinge


The right hand lid hinge has detached, looks like the glue between the glass and hinge failed. The Glowforge Pro is out of warranty. I see other examples of this, with resolutions in the forums. Before I dive into one of those, what is Glowforged opinion on self gluing? Any Hints? Is it a best practice to pry the good hinge and glue both? Can I buy a new lid? etc etc


Not sure if you mean that in a colloquial sense, but just in case: Glowforge support doesn’t really monitor this forum. If you want an answer from the actual team, you’ll need to reach out to them directly.

They don’t sell replacement lids. Pretty much what you see on the forum is what other folks have tried, with mixed success. If you’re out of warranty, and the glass is intact, you might be able to get some more time out of it.

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Thanks Chris1 for your response, that was my guess…

@brickbazooka Please do reach out to our support team and they will see if they can help. Thank you!


The company does not have a method to re-attach, but luckily @raymondking32 wrote up this fabulous walk-through!

and a follow-up discussion on what glue to use:

Also some folks have ponied up for a replacement hinge that covers the entire back of the machine:


Wow - Brilliant!!! Thank you @deirdrebeth

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I had the same problem with the right rear hinge as well as the front chrome handle/lip. Not only do GlowForge not acknowledge it as a manufacturing defect, they have no suggestions at all, other than to direct folks to this forum. So thank y’all for being here and helping out, because GF could not have been any less help.

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It’s honestly such a rare failure! They’ll offer to sell you a refurbished unit, but trying to guarantee a fix that’ll work whether you’re all thumbs or an engineer is nigh on impossible. I get why they do it.

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Followed the community walkthroughs and got the glow forge back up and running - Thank you ALL!!!


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