Did It die ? No Lights... PSU fan running... App says Alert Too Cold

After long wait got my GF Pro on Monday and done some beautiful test prints. Today I did a couple of test prints on some wallnut veneer and then left to have some lunch.

Later in the evening I came back… The GF LEDs are dark. App says Alert “Too Cold”

I tried restarting, bumped up room temperature to 75 from 72… Not that it should matter. Tried turning it off for a while but nothing seems to do anything…

There is no movement or whirling except PSU fan i think.

I could not find any information anywhere on troubleshooting or the “Too cold” alert. There is no logs too check, no steps to take.

Submitted support request and got automated response that it might take 3 days to hear back.

This is really bumming me out.

As a developer I would love to get more insite and wish I could take some basic steps but it really seems there is nothing I can do until I hear back from support.

So if you have any suggestions in the meantime… Would love to hear them.


That’s the first time I’ve seen a “too cold” alert. 72 degrees should be fine. The LED lights inside the GF should always be on (as far as I know) whenever the GF is powered on. They dim whenever the lid is open, but that’s about it. Creating a post here also generates a support ticket, so you should be covered. For what it’s worth, GF support usually replies much faster than 3 days.

Support can do a lot with remote fixes. Unfortunately might have to wait a day.

But, crap! I was hoping there wouldn’t be a “Too Cold” alert. Ran my GF for months between 49F and 60F. The temp alerts were not enabled then. Guess I will have to pump warm air toward the GF. The basement is naturally about 50F all winter.

You’re the first to report it here :slight_smile:

When you get it resolved you should get a Mr Frosty award.


I’m so sorry you ran into trouble. Unfortunately, we’ve found that your unit has a problem that we can’t solve remotely. While it’s possible that this could get better, it’s unlikely to be resolved without replacing the unit. You should have received an email from us about setting up a warranty replacement. If the email didn’t arrive, please let me know here!

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I wonder why too cold is a problem so long as the coolant doesn’t freeze. If it had control of the pump it could simply slow it down and let the tube heat up if that is the issue. It’s putting out something like 200W of heat so it wouldn’t be too cold for long.

Other components may break if frozen in place. Or may just not work. Or may not work properly.

Twice last winter my car was so cold that there’s something (I haven’t figured out what yet) that doesn’t open (or close) when it should, making the car run poorly. Then as the car warms up, I hear a little pop telling me that whatever it is has opened (or closed) and the car runs perfectly smooth.

On the other hand, it may just be proper planning… I mean, they may not know if the unit can be too cold to operate properly, but it makes sense to build in the possibility.

I’d certainly think so. That or communication between the sensor and the processor. No info from the sensor may equal 0º.

Sucks this happened! I feel for ya, @info2! Glad they’re taking care of you so quickly though! You’ll be back up and running again in no time.

The only other mechanical bits are motors, fans, belts and pulleys, etc. They should all be happy at anything above 0C and soon warm themselves. My 3D printers certainly function well below 16C and have pretty much the same parts except the CO2 tube and the liquid cooling.

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It isn’t a temperature problem. As you do more and more projects your outward signs of giddiness and glee have faded. You seem more detached and, well, cold. Pause every now and then to admire your partner in creating. Remind it of your appreciation.

Put the glow back in your Glowforge.


My guess is that cold limits have at least partly to do with the risks of condensation inside.

(Which reminds me it might be time to start working on the winter vent for mine…)

Yes you don’t want condensation on electronics but that is a separate concern. I never get condensation in my unheated garage even at 10C because it is dry. I can’t think why a laser cutter would be unhappy unless CO2 doesn’t lase properly when cold.

Make Glowforge glow again?