Difference between Set Focus and Auto Focus (Confused)

Sorry all but I have searched and not found anything. I could be searching for the wrong thing. What I am looking for the difference between the two. Does set focus just allow you to place the focus where you want it. Say if I use set focus and focus in the middle of the tray is that the same as auto focus.
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Set focus adjusts the camera view to the exact spot that you select, and also sets the cutting focus height for that point. Auto focus assigns the cutting focus height at a point not necessarily chosen by the user.


Thank you. So the only real difference is you get to choose the focus point. Other than that it does he same thing

You can use the set focus tool in multiple places on the board to more precisely place your artwork. If you rely on the camera for alignment, the set focus tool is pretty important. Here is the official announcement that was made when set focus was introduced: Latest Improvements - Compact Filter, Set Focus, and Extreme Temperature Sensing

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Thank you.

Eloquently put!


Use the term defocus for more search answers. There are unique things you can accomplish by manipulating the focus, but just leaving it alone will work under regular usage.
I have two color acrylic that I use for earrings and other projects that I want to stand out without painting and I have excellent settings for it. If you manually select a focus of 0.060 then the ‘saved’ settings will show


As can be seen, some colors resist the laser and adjustments to the parameters were required, but are immediately on hand once the focus is manually set.

I experimented with this a bit and found another interesting use. Making a fast score look like a time consuming engrave is possible, as described below.
Note that if you do this only for a segment of the project the laser stalls for several seconds while it is changing parameters, then proceeds. This is apparently normal (although it can cause a moment of panic if not expecting it).


Thank you I have been wanting to play with De-Focus for some time and I will defiantly be experimenting with that today if possible.
If I may be so bold to inquire how you did the gray section above with the “Fun With De-Focus - time saver experiment” was it just a copy and paste? Thank every one for there replies.


Since autofocus chooses the point where the focus is set, the can create a problem if you are using a piece of material that already has some items cut from it. Auto focus might choose a place where the material is missing and that would make the focus off for the item you are now cutting. Also, when you use set focus, that gives you an opportunity to readjust the position of your current file after the focus has been set. When focusing, the cutting area often changes.

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Thank you I believe I now understand the difference.

Yep. Located the old thread and touched the link icon on bottom of entry for a copy/paste.

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