Dimensions of Shipping Box? Need to Know Today!


I need to decide if I should pick up my Forge from UPS or let them deliver it, and I’m leaning toward picking it up if it will fit in our car. Can anyone tell me the dimensions of the big box, please?


Here you go! @johnwills measured it at 14" x 27" x 45". Clicking through to the link will give you some more discussion on the shipping box.


It’s big! What do you drive?


Mine is the old style, but the 14" on mine is 15". Considering the delivery truck is going to have it on it’s ear or on end, If the rear door on my car opened wide, I would put it on its ear in the back seat - and give it a loving ride to its new home.
The only caution I would give you is since you assume responsibility at that point, is if the box isn’t crisp I would crack it open to ensure the tube is intact and look at the case at the site of any perforations in the box… and pictures of the box condition if it looks rough.


The FAQ says shipping dimensions are 46" x 29" x 16" and 70 lbs.


It completely filled my CRV with the seats down…


Here’s what’s it looks like in a Ford C-Max Hybrid with the seats down. (Not the C-Max Energi plug-in; it might be more difficult to get it into that model.)


Thank you! Just what I needed. I think it will fit in the Element.


I picked my up at UPS in my Subaru Outback and it had plenty of room to spare.


I know everyone says “can’t wait to see what you make with your GF” but in your case I 100% mean it! :grinning:


Yes, since it fits in the CRV…


Pretty sure the CRV would fit in an Element.:wink:


Thanks for the help, everyone! @Frankew is correct; the dimensions of the shipping box are 46" x 29" x 16" (1168mm x 737mm x 406mm). The weight is 70 lbs (32 kg).

Not sure if this goes here but I need help :)