Discussion of December update


This is the discussion thread for the December update.

December 2017 Update

Can’t wait!



And you didn’t engrave them?

I’m happy to see more people get their Glowforges, you’ll have to do crepes for the first international deliveries.

And no, I’m not keeping up… sigh.


Improved accuracy = awesome. @dan is there a way we can tell when the update has rolled out to our account?


Thank you for the update, Well done in the production!


I feel like I am not connecting some dots between the support talk & the talk of what I’m assuming might be bigger sheets of PG material.


Little known fact that such a skill is actually a requirement for CEOs.
(No kidding … hubs says you need a bigger griddle.) :wink:

That oversized :proofgrade: looks totally delish as well. Can’t wait to try some.

Hope things continue to ramp up smoothly. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think he missed a connecting sentence or section title :slight_smile:


Hi my estimate ship date has disappeared, and I have NOT received any notice. Before it disappeared it was December 7th. Is there another way to check on shipping status?


@dan when shall we hear an update on air filters?


Recently I saw a response from Support that there was an error in their notification system recently that mailed the notices out. Yours may have been affected by that as well.


My estimated date also disappeared… I was supposed to get my email about shipping on last Thursday. Support hasn’t respond my email since.

Glad to read that things are still running at good speed.

Can’t wait to start making stuff with it.

Cmon, cmon!! Send it already.


It’s great to see the “Proofgrade Pro” material - looks like 20" by 48"?

Also, if Proofgrade Pro is a few months out, does that imply that the software support for alignment for printing passthrough material is a few months out as well?

Finally, very happy to hear that you’re working on the scalability issues. Personally, I think that cloud-based software can be a fantastic architecture, but that service needs to be reliable and performant, and it’s been a bit unpredictable, at least for me.


Can’t wait for pro passthrough. I’ve been chopping up my cuts.

Thanks for the update



The rollout’s already complete.


Oops! Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out; a line got deleted in copy-paste. Terrible missed chance for a dadjoke.


We recently discovered that five days’ worth of email notifications didn’t get delivered - we’re re-sending tomorrow. Our apologies.

We’ll continue updating your air filter ship date weekly (at least) until it’s ready.


I was in that bunch… and guess what??? I just got my EMAIL!!!

3…2…1… I die

Now to finally assemble my work table.



Hooray! I believe the team’s at the office late getting out emails manually while we fix it.