Discussion of February update

A preferable approach to the alternative (unless that included both promises and fulfillments :slight_smile: )

You would think that eventually they would merge. Not knowing the particulars it would seem inefficient to build two models if you didn’t have to. Once any non-conforming parts were used up of course.

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Quite likely you can’t answer this either and perhaps not exactly related - but with the developments and changes for international models and those going into production, would that also include NRTL units?

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I understand this to be true from several other forum posts, much to the chagrin of the open-sourcers and hardware hackers. Have there been any public write-ups anywhere about the design decisions that went into making the Glowforge? What limitation would G-code have placed on you?

Is there a way that we can have access to the store to start ordering prof grade materials now so I have them on hand ready to go when my glowforge arrives. I would hate to have my glowforge and then still have to wait another few weeks for the materials to arrive.

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and how much are the shipping costs to europe for proofgrade?

No news to share - our current ship date estimates at Glowforge - the 3D laser printer are the best information we have as to schedule.

NRTL is a separate schedule; we’ll announce when that is done.

Not that I’m aware of.

It would have been a great deal of work that we didn’t plan to do, that would have come at the expense of work we did plan to do.

I don’t have any numbers yet. I believe the PG team is working to enable European deliveries, and longer term is looking at ways to get Proofgrade material to other countries cost-effectively.


Not to answer for @dan but if memory serves correctly (and they do it the same for international), you’ll have access to the store once you get your golden email. Since there is a lag between getting your email, your unit being built, and then shipped, you should technically have access before the arrival of your glowforge.


Ok thanks. That works for me.

That Instagram hashtag feed and all of the projects posted here must really be motivating for the GF team.


I would assume that international customers have started getting their emails. Based on the stated order of not producing your unit until you’ve responded to your email and the information in the update stating that production of overseas unit units having started.
Or has this changed?

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If so, no one has posted yet. I would imagine that some testing needs to take place to make sure that those units come off the line correct.

My guess would be that Canadian and other continental customers will be first. I’m hoping (aided somewhat by my own email date) that European customers will be next followed by everyone else.


Actually, unless things have changed, Canadians have reported later dates than EU customers.

Interesting. I guess we can only speculate as to why. Certification? Who knows? What I do know is my anticipation level is pretty high.

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I haven’t decided whether I will cancel, get it and sell it or wait for the software to be completed. I think that will be never because I no longer believe GF are capable of making it do the things advertised. Lying about the 0.5" focus range was the last straw for me.


Dan stated somewhere towards the end of 2017 that Canada has more complex certification requirements than the EU.

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Can you explain more please?


I am an Aussie and my date is 3rd of April… that seems to be about the 'mid point. I think the UK is first on the list

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Finally an update I can smile to! Thanks for the heads up on the International Shipping!! With all this long wait, I can finally have a sense of joy! :slight_smile: but still a long wait as mine is scheduled in May :frowning:

You can read about it in all of its glory here: