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This is for discussion of the January update.


Question about the air filter. When you announced the new design for the Glowforge Air Filter, you said:

(emphasis mine)

As one of the owners of a shiny new Glowforge Air Filter, I am intrigued by the notion of adding a prefilter, but I haven’t seen any more details. Is this something that’s going to be offered on the Glowforge Shop? Something we have to source for ourselves?


I have another question about the Glowforge Air Filter…

When we are ready to replace the filter, Is the Compact Filter Cartridge for $249 in the Glowforge store Spare Parts area, the SAME one that fits the Glowforge Air Filter?

Or are we to look for a specific replacement filter?

Really enjoying my Glowforge BTW :))

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Yes, we plan on adding it to the shop.

The Glowforge Air Filter cartridge is more advanced than the Compact Filter cartridge and lasts about 20% longer. We’re working on adding it to the shop as soon as possible.

Also, we’re working to make the more advanced Glowforge Air Filter cartridge backwards-compatible with the Compact Filter, too!


Can you tell me what the cubic feet per minute rating is for the new exhaust fan. I have not been able to find it in the specs!


air filter not exhaust fan!!!

Hi Tim - we haven’t listed it as it’s a marketing number mostly used for bragging rights rather than having any useful application (the wikipedia article shares some detail on its shortcomings). The actual CFM depends on the hose length, number of turns, filter loading, and other factors.


I am trying to figure out if I can take the filter out and use it as an exhaust fan by draping the duct out the window.

This is just in case my internal fan stops working in the future.

The other option is just to use an in line fan, but it would be nice if the GF Filter has the power to do double duty, with and without the filter.

Any info would be helpful.

Looking at the filter here…not sure how that would work Tim, the filter doesn’t have the kind of outlet port needed to toss a hose out the window. (Air gets sucked into the filter through one, but the clean air comes out the bottom through a couple of little vents.)

I’d stick with the inline fan.


Thanks Jules!!! Very helpful!!!

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Nothing to add on the update but I think they were valuing the Glowforge basic on that price is right at the $6000 mark instead of $2500 for the whole package to be $8k+ unless the desk and chair cost almost 4 grand.

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When Dan writes his tell-all autobiography and history of Glowforge, I’ll be very interested in the chapter on getting your product on The Price Is Right.


Two questions about the new catalog.
Weekend so you think users will be able to put their designs on it?
Are we still getting all the designs from the introduction video?

I would have to agree, Glowforge markets the Basic as a $6,000 machine that we can purchase for the discounted rate of $2,495.

I know the GF defenders will tell me I’m wrong. Still, this is a marketing tactic to make the machine look like a great deal.


Yeah they always use MSRP in their totals rather than current selling price. Was about to chime in with the same graphic. :smiley:

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just more evidence that MSRP really means very little. it’s more of a joke.


Makes people feel good that they are getting a big discount. It almost just the same as those “buy now only 2 left in stock” or “offer expires in 10mins!” gimmicks on sites, gets people to buy before the price might go back up.

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i mean, it’s obviously effective or people wouldn’t do it. just like spam email.

but it’s still a joke to anyone who pays any attention.

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Hi @dan, thanks for the update! I’m loving all the new features and I can’t wait to get the air filter!
Any update on the Pro software (specifically the pass-through software)? It’s fine if the answer is " we have nothing to announce", but I’m hoping it isn’t going to get the ax like the original filter.
So many things have improved, it feels like it’s so close. Just trying to plan for future curriculum/projects mainly. Thank you to you and your amazing team for the continuous improvement!


Not yet, although that’s something we’re working on. We needed to improve the ecommerce system underpinning the catalog before we could build that properly.

Yes, everyone who was offered that (I believe it’s original preorder customers but could be wrong) will still receive it. Most of them have already been released, but right now we don’t have a great way to add something that’s 40 pages big to the catalog (like the globe).

You know me well. :slight_smile:

  1. We have nothing to announce, and
  2. It’s definitely not getting the ax.

I’m pretty confident that we’ll get the pass-through support sooner or later. Just look at how many great improvements to the software have come in the last year or so, from Snapmark to the calibration tool to the Set Focus command. Clearly they have some very clever people who are doing good things to improve the camera-based parts of the Glowforge software. Hopefully the automated pass-through support will be the next thing to come out of that group. :smiley:

(ok, ok, so Snapmark stopped being rolled out to more customers. But that was more of a support issue; they didn’t have the resources to address everyone’s questions on the forum. The actual software works great, and I’ve found it very useful. Hopefully they can make it easier to use or get their support team to the point where they can fully support it and bring it back to more customers in the future. But I’m not holding my breath; pass-through was promised to all of us Pro-owners, whereas Snapmarks were an unplanned bonus.)