Jan 2020 Update

Happy New Year… and guess who’s the next contestant on The Price Is Right!

If you’d like to see the Glowforge debut on the show yourself, it’s part of the new home office suite that Drew gave away on the show. You can watch the whole episode here. Look carefully and you’ll see the laser engraved Drew portrait on the desk!

We’re shipping all Glowforge printer pre-orders to all supported countries

We’ve now sent all shipment notification for Glowforge printer pre-orders. If you didn’t didn’t receive the email asking for your address to accept shipment, please go to https://glowforge.com/shipping to confirm your shipment. Check out the International Shipping thread 148 for the latest updates, which include opening the shop to Europe, too!

Glowforge Air Filters are shipping!

As we forecast in our last update, Glowforge Air Filters are shipping now! If you have a pre-order and haven’t received an email to arrange delivery yet, it will be coming before the end of February. You can always find our most accurate shipping date forecast at glowforge.com/account. (If you missed the discussion, you can catch up here on the news, too.)

Catalog update adds international support

We’ve updated the design catalog with a new look and ecommerce system. That’s going to allow us to make designs available to our international customers! Have a look at https://shop.glowforge.com/collections/designs/. The designs there are the same as what we’ve had before… stay tuned on that!

All the latest improvements

We’re constantly making your Glowforge experience better. Most recently…

  • Improved Wi-Fi connections: We’ve made several changes to make your Wi-Fi connection is now more robust against noise from things like microwaves and phones. The update is applied automatically when you reboot.
  • Lights, camera, action!: When your Glowforge goes to sleep, the lights dim. Sometimes this results in a camera image that’s too dark to see. Now, your Glowforge ensures that the lights come on before a picture is taken.
  • Back in black: You’ve asked us to let you sign up to be notified when a Proofgrade material you want is in stock. Now, you can go to shop.glowforge.com, choose a material that isn’t in stock, and click “Email Me When Available”. When we get a new shipment, we’ll shoot you a note!

2019: A Year in Prints

2019 was our best year ever. To put the numbers in context, the entire Glowforge community has now created more than five million prints, this past year. For context, in all of Glowforge history to date, there have been 8.5M prints.

We sped up your Glowforge, launched the Compact Filter, made the app work better on phone and tablet, improved camera alignment, improved focus, and improved Wi-Fi, to name just a few of the projects we’ve been working on.

We got so many holiday orders that our factory once again went into backorders on all models, which has not happened since the preorder days. You all are not making it easy on them. :slight_smile:

All in all it’s been an incredible year, but as always, the thing that keeps us coming back is you, and the incredible creations you share with us. You’re never far from our minds - whether its Rita with our monthly “best of the forum” slideshow at our all-hands meeting, or the nonstop feed of your creations in the office.

10 Prints from 2019

In that spirit, we wanted to bring you the top 10 most popular prints from 2019.

The Countdown begins here with number 10 from @kampersandi_: The perfect clutch to go with your little black dress for an upcoming special date!

Next, at 9, @jumekubo created this beautiful layered landscape.

Number 8, from @cultofechoes brings us right into the forest – did you see the squirrel? What might you layer in an upcoming creation?

Number 7, made by @newenglandcarving is a marvel of layers, color, and texture!

The 6th image is another luscious landscape. This one’s shared by @unisonartworks and is enhanced with beautiful colors. Who knew you could watercolor wood?

At number 5, we see the @thetinytimberco’s amazing tiny furnished room. I want to move in!

Number 4 is an image close to our company headquarters. @adashofadorable captured a Mount Rainier photograph. Do you have any travel pictures you’d like to print?

A long-lasting crowd-favorite, @michaelmikkelson shared this party-ready gift.

The second-most-popular image is adorable, and on-trend, too. @the_party_haus shares a 2019 favorite of cake toppers in a delightful design.

And finally, the number one image tagged #Glowforge on Instagram was shared by @fireandearthphoto, who’s making us dream of spring with these colorful plant markers!

We get to do what we do because of you. We love it, and we love to see the impact our work has. Thank you for sharing, thank you for reading, and most of all, thank you for being a Glowforge owner.

Happy belated new year!

(Discussion of this topic is in this forum thread).