Discussion of June 2019 Update

As my unit is in transit … can’t set up an account to grab the free design…
order Pro Unit …october 23, 2015!

Yes, still the plan!

Unfortunately we don’t have a date.

If you sign up at the bottom of glowforge.com, we’ll email it to you!


Paid opportunity to teach about Glowforge with LinkedIn

Would anyone be interested in collaborating on making the LinkedIn videos? I have video production skills, but I’m not confident in my technical knowledge to make an instructional video. I have a post with more information here.

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hey Jules, you are usually in the know. Are there any instructions anywhere on how to put these things together? Thanks

Which things? The freebies? Nope, haven’t seen any instructions. :thinking:

I would imagine the Moon Lamp just slots together with the round parts on top and the acrylic on the inside.

And go snag a quick copy of the Sunglasses Case GIF before it gets replaced…it shows how to knot and insert the lacing. (Right click on it, then Save Image as a GIF.)

@Dan While the update to the Forum to have a Gallery is nice, I’m less interested in a quick way to view other peoples designs and more interested in a quick way to see my own designs.

I had submitted a feature idea about adding a way to organize the Design Library several months ago. The discussion was closed and I was told it was a good idea and would be implemented, but nothing seems to be coming.

Right now all of a users designs are listed from most recent to oldest. Once you start getting several hundred designs, it makes it very difficult to find the one you are looking for.

I haven’t ever come across a piece of software that doesn’t let you organize your projects. We should be able to make folders and put the designs where we want them. Or… at the very least (you could probably have this working in a few hours) have a filter that displays designs alphabetically. Then I could name my files accordingly so like designs are next to each other in the Library.

Or how about Search? Most software lets you search for your files.


You’re not the first to ask. :wink:

Glowforge prioritizes development on improvements based on customer interest, so your vote got added to the count. (They have a couple of major things they need to finish up first though, like the filters and passthrough alignment software, but if they can fit “Dashboard Folders” in there without messing anything up, I’m sure they will.)

I’ve never seen them say that – the best we usually get is that it’s “in the hopper.”

Agreed… I understand the more pressing issues… but if they have time to implement a gallery for the forum, they should have time to create Dashboard Folders or some sort of project organization. It’s something that most developers could do in a few hours. There’s no re-creating the wheel with this feature. It’s just a matter of implementation.


That would depend on which developers are available at a given time. Creating a gallery takes a different skillset than altering the user interface, and the team with the appropriate skillset for the latter is most likely tied up with other things right now.

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I totally agree, this is an afternoon project for an engineer that is bored / needs a break / wants some fresh inspiration / is waiting on a review / etc. The only reason that items like this never ship is that the engineers don’t have the authority to do work without managements approval.

i got the sunglass file but missed the gif I hope it’s still there. that was what I was looking for.

Yea, I’m kind of thinking that this should drop pretty soon. It’s such a basic function for computer use. Wonder what the holdup is.

They are posting the gif on their Instagram account; you should be able to get them there.

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I am so thankful for the free designs. However it would be great if there was a supply list of how much and what kind of materials. Also a link on how to lace the glass case and what was used for the dyes. Its like getting a free sewing pattern but you only get the printed tissue paper and only the front of the envelope. Wah. can anyone help me or should I just be grateful for what I got?

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Nice update! I haven’t had as much time to play with my Glowforge as I’d like, but that’s my fault, not yours!

However, I’m still very curious about the filter. When is our next update on that? I checked my account and it shows October 31st 2019 as the ship date - is this actually accurate or just another date to be pushed back?


Hopefully both. :slight_smile:

I think you’re not the only one who feels that way, though.

Tie the lace into a knot at the cut ends…feed the other looped end in through the hole in the case of the lid. Wrap it around the case and hook the loop on the knot.

Looks like they used markers of some kind to dye the leather.


the auto height by focus is the bomb!

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Wondering, as I know it’s been several months since the release of the design catalog, if there has been any mention of opportunities for design submissions? I’m aware of the free designs section of the forum but wasn’t sure if there are any future plans still for submissions to glowforge for files (more than just showcasing what folks are working on)