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Hey @dan… are y’all doing a word cloud with the results?
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Happy for our Canadian friends! Finally!!!

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I have a couple “State of Glowforge” questions for anyone that cares to chime in:

  1. Any chance the “preparing” step will ever get faster? I make 11x14 vector maps take 15 minutes to “prepare” and the preparing fails out with “PRINT STOPPED Unable to complete the print” at least 2/3rds of the time. So I literally spend 30-60 or more minutes just waiting for the website to “prepare” before I can print each and every map. That’s what I’m doing right now as I type this…on attempt 4 or so, an hour of trying to get this job started.

  2. Any chance we’ll ever get access to more printable area? When I say 11x14, I actually mean 10.9x14, because an 11 inch design cannot be positioned to start printing. That’s before I even mess with settings. That’s over an inch of the 12x20 work area that can’t be used. It just seems odd that a machine with a 12x20 work area can’t make 11x14 artwork.

  3. I posted something in the “Problems & Support” forum 6-7 days ago. No response yet. I thought posting there opened a ticket? Are you over a week backed up in responding to support tickets? I know this machine is selling like hotcakes (I’ve referred something like $17K of sales in the past month, it’s an easy sell!), why isn’t customer support well-staffed?

  4. I have heard several times that my GF Pro should have come with safety glasses. I bought the glasses myself because I didn’t know I was supposed to have gotten them for free until later. When I ordered my machine, I got sent an “Accessories Kit - Basic” with it, with no glasses. Customer support assured me this was the right kit before it shipped. Do you no longer send different accessories with different machines?

  5. Can we get the ability to change the order of steps in the UI? It seems pretty random in what order multiple steps get carried out. I’d like to have engraves all be done before cuts, because material is often imperfect/unflat, and cutting causes small movement when the piece drops from the larger sheet. Engraving after cutting leads to inconsistent results.


It has. Significantly.

The vast majority of files that I’ve helped people with here (like, 9/10) could be significantly improved for efficiency, with very little up front work to make them more efficient. If you want, post a file and someone, or I, can take a look at it and probably suggest ways to easily make it more efficient.

The original area was supposed to be 12x20”. As they got further into production mode, it had to be changed to what the current limits are. The mm that they list in the specs are more accurate than the inches. When the smaller working area was announced, this is what came along with:

To do: When the laser is moving at maximum speed, it needs room to slow down near the top, bottom, and both sides. We’ll be updating the software to compensate for that so it can give you more working space - up to 11.5" x 20.4" for slow movements like cuts; a little bit less for faster motions like engraves.

I’d love to know if that’s still the plan - not necessarily a comment to the state of that work (because that’s not the GF way) but, if at least it’s still the plan, @dan?

It’s already there. Just drag the operation in the left up or down. It isn’t random; it orders them based off of the RGB value of the elements. Someone can probably step in and give you a link to the thread with a more in depth explanation. @marmak3261 discovered this in his pre-release days and designed a custom color palette. Several other folks refined it and created them for other programs as well.


Here’s the post with @marmak3261 's excellent order of operations palettes:

Custom Inkscape, Illustrator, CorelDraw and Affinity Designer Color Palettes for ordering operations in GFUI

Order of operations is based on hexadecimal color order from black to white.


Yeah, that :slight_smile:

Gotta love that Filter update… :roll_eyes:

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This is all very exciting but all I really want to know from you @dan is when on when will you start shipping proofgrade to the UK? I have almost $1000 of credit that I am unable to use and I can’t source appropriate material here to use with the calibration tool, that has failed twice on my last remaining piece of proofgrade.

Tons of companies ship worldwide, why is this not a priority for Glowforge?

You can use almost anything for that given two things: the item is completely flat, it covers the same amount of space the draftboard would. (I haven’t seen anyone discuss thickness but a similar thickness wouldn’t hurt I imagine.)

You can also replace the sticky sheet and just reuse the old draftboard instead of burning piece after piece.


Thanks for this, I have purchased some replacement sticky sheet- but it’s almost see-through, are you sure this will work OK?

I appreciate the help, would still love to be able to get proofgrade and use my credit though!

I think the biggest thing here is yeah you can use whatever you like instead of draftboard but the instructions specifically mention it.

I would be buying a ton of proofgrade if they shipped outside the US. Not only for prototyping with draftboard but for a ton of stuff knowing the settings will work and knowing that I dont have to worry about cutting down quarter sheets of material from other suppliers

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The “sticky sheet” should be paper based with a light or medium tack, pressure sensitive glue. The stuff I use isn’t really see through, maybe a little translucent in bright light. If the sheet is plastic-like I would not use it. They do sell plastic backed transfer tape that is reported to contain a chlorine containing plastic.

Here is a link to 12-inch wide transfer tape from Amazon.uk:
This appears to be high-tack, and overall, the suppliers on Amazon there like clear tape and your selection is fairly poor. I get mine from SignWarehouse in the US, as I’m in the US, but maybe they have a similar retailer in the UK or Europe.

The calibration tool uses the contrast between the marks it scores and the background. Therefore, what you want is a very, very flat surface covered in something light-colored the laser can score. If your masking doesn’t cover up the previous score marks, then it will not work.

There is some laser-safe, clear transfer tape, but verify it is laser safe before using. And of course a clear tape wouldn’t work for this particular application.


This instagram post says tomorrow:


Just downloaded NWOM design #1 :sunglasses: – Thank you GF!


Oh squeeee! Love freebies! Thanks Glowforge! :grinning::partying_face:

That is absolutely gorgeous! :wink:

Updated: Well only an idiot assumes that all shades of black are equal without testing it first…absolutely nothing wrong with the file.

Signed…your friendly neighborhood dummy. :roll_eyes: