Looking for collaborators to make videos for LinkedIn

TLDR: If you are an expert laser operator or experienced in video filming or editing, I’d like to collaborate with you on making a sample LinkedIn video about the Glowforge.


I’m looking for people to collaborate with me on creating videos for LinkedIn. This is refering to the paid opportunity that was announced in the June 2019 Update. I know the community is full of helpful people and educational content. My goal is to draw on that knowledge and condense it down into a format that is easy to understand while addressing all aspects of using the Glowforge so they can walk away from the video confident.

First and foremost, I am looking for an expert laser operator to help me write the script/story board for the sample video. While I know my way around a Glowforge, I also know that there are individuals in the community who have much more experience with the Glowforge and other laser cutting machines then I, and I believe that to make the best content as possible I would need to draw on that experience to teach the best practices, common issue, and how to deal with them. Ideally I’d like someone who uses the Glowforge and other Laser cutters professionally since Lynda.com’s model is about providing educational content to help people reach their personal or professional goals. This is not a requirement however, and I’ll consider any who consider themselves an expert.

I am also interested in collaborating with anyone who has filming or editing experience. This is something I originally intended to do myself, but similar to what I said about the laser operator, I believe that to make the best content possible, I should work with the most knowledgeable people I can find.

Lastly I’m open to anyone who thinks they have something valuable to contribute. Something like design tips, Illustrator/inkscape tricks, suggestions on content, creative ideas, websites for purchasing materials, hand models or voice actors. I’m sure their are many other things i’m not thinking of but just let me know!

Anyone collaborating with me on the sample video would not be paid but if our video is accepted and LinkedIn commissions more videos, then we will discuss payment.

Let me know if you’re interested or have any ideas.
~Patrick G.

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I might be interested in helping you out.


That’s great to hear! I read your profile and took a quick look at your website (very cool stuff BTW), what aspect would you be interested helping me in?


Step 1 is to procure a pair of disposable nitrile gloves, and a strong stomach. You can procure nitrile gloves at any nearby home improvement store. Amazon is fresh out of strong stomachs… you’re going to have to dig deep within.

Waitaminute… this is the Glowforge forum? Not the, “How to dump a black tank” thread?


I could help you with a few aspects probably - scripts, storyboards, video content even.


Haha I didn’t know where you were going with that first part. I’m glad you realized which forum you were on before the “Fun” part of those instructions.

Help there would be much appreciated! what aspects of lasers do you consider yourself to be most knowledgeable in? Also, What do you think the sample video should teach?

He’s one of the experts here. :smile:


Hmmmm are you sure? Did you read the part with the Nitrite gloves and Strong stomach?:laughing:

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if nothing else, i think it would be safe to call him the “puzzle meister.”


That’s fair. He does seem to make a lot of puzzles.

black water tank is one of the least enjoyable aspects of a camper, up there with backing down narrow shelf roads


I bet! step 1 didn’t sound too good… Glad we didn’t reach step 2.

@jbmanning uses the Glowforge professionally to finance his wild and wooly lifestyle.
(So does @jbv, who is a graphic artist.)
Both are Illustrator experts, as well as @shop .

You’ve got a lot of good talent here. (Should probably also hit up @geek2nurse and @Xabbess for Affinity AD related questions/content, and @evansd2 and @marmak3261 for Inkscape content. @jamesdhatch and @kittski for Corel. )

Once things get going. :smile:


Thanks! I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction. I’m not super action of the forums but I recognize you and a couple of those names. It’s good to know who does knows what.

I’d love to see the guys who understand what’s going on get together and do it as a team. You’ll get enough to write an entire course that way.

Do any of you have any ideas on what the sample video should be about? I was thinking a basic over view on how to test new materials and dial in the most ideal settings. Though I worry about the feasibility of condensing that to 5 minutes.

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It’s just a demo? Run through this tutorial in video format:


Correct, it’s just a sample.
I’ve read that tutorial before it, it’s a good one. My only issue is that it requires a lot of specific visuals
of a program outside of Glowforge’s software to explain properly. I was thinking to do something a little more generic or maybe theory/process oriented. That way I could use existing B-roll footage of the laser cutter in action and keep my filming/screen capture to a minimum.

That sounds good.

I’m not sure what stats GF has concerning average user-age. But, the google says 61% of LinkedIn users are between 30-64. And 25% between 18-29. With such a large percentage between 30-64, I’d say the sweet spot audience is probably 35-50.

I’m not sure why that’s relevant to my next thought… which is, why deviate very far from the training Glowforge has put together, particularly for the first 3 prints? And also particularly for a sample video?

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Well, the only reason I can think off is because I’m over thinking it.
And I never actually did the first 3 prints besides the founder’s ruler.
Besides the ruler, they have a similar issue of me having to film more then I might want. But I can get over that. The set up for filming can take a while but I’m sure I can crop the video to keep my messy work shop out of frame. :laughing:

The target age is interesting to know, if not currently applicable.

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