Discussion of March 2019 Update

This thread is for the discussion of the March 2019 update, here:


Wow! 5 years already!? Congratulations guys!


Fun to see all those faces behind the scenes!


Ummmm…“faster delays”? I don’t think that’s what you meant to say. :slight_smile:


Beat me to it.


I almost took time out for a Princess Bride reference (meme, picture, gif…) but decided that was just poking the bear :wink: and not polite in his house.


The pausing feature is awesome! To clarify: If the print is paused, and then the lid is opened, will that still cancel the print? If so, that seems to remove a lot of the value of pausing…

My desired workflow, which I hope this will support: notice the material moving/misbehaving -> pause -> open to carefully adjust -> close -> resume


Unfortunately no, opening cancels the print…


Thanks for taking the time you did to really grow and help us out with better features over time. I truly appreciate it. My business got into the black last year and my flagship product, the one that started this venture is finally going to be released this year!

So, thank-you very much, Dan, Rita, and all those support members that helped us, and the engineers behind the scenes. Thank you so much!


Couple of extra degrees huh? Snuck that one in on us…very nice! :grinning::firecracker::confetti_ball::tada::balloon::boom:


The Sphero RVR reminds me of my Big Trak I had as a kid.


Although if you have a Pro, you could poke a ruler in the passthrough slot and shift your item (if you’re lucky with the position).


Some of us resemble that :wink:


Congratulations to all at GF. I hope you get many more years and develop many more toys to explore with :slight_smile:

Hey. Longer print times. I ran a 5 hour print last week and didn’t realize there was a time limit. Not that I have complicated prints, ever :no_mouth:. Congrats on the anniversary, i was just thinking about how long it’s been since we first heard about the GF.


Loving the pause button, even if it’s not pause-adjust-and-resume. I just like being able to hit the big glowing button when something goes wonky, instead of fumbling for the mouse or the power switch! Usually at that point I’m looking for a graceful way to cancel the job, which interrupting power is not. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Grats on the five years, everybody!

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OUCH! :slight_smile:

Yes, it does.

You all are amazing, and we love when we can make stuff better for you!

That’s our expectation based on testing - we’ll see how things look in production, and if we can adjust our specs to match, based on data from the field.

Totally forgot about those! I never had one but wanted one.

Us too. We love doing this.

Right - not any more it’s not! :slight_smile:

Got the feedback on that into the hopper!


BTW re: pause, my son and a school friend were printing coasters for a school project (pic) when his friend’s dad came to pick him up. He was torn on what to do because he knows you never leave a Glowforge printing unattended. Pause to the rescue!


Congratulations on the anniversary! Remarkable journey that I have been privileged to share. From all of us - Thanks team for this marvelous tool… :+1:


Wow, how long did that take to prepare, would you say?I wish I would have timed the amount of time it takes to prepare some of my prints. I haven’t noticed faster times, but I’m willing to bet it’s there, just nearly unnoticeable when it already took over a minute to prepare in the first place. Some of my stuff takes at least 5 minutes to prepare, and those prints take 1.5 hours, but there are a lot of tiny engraves so it makes sense :sweat_smile:

I was one of those that had some long wait times (over 4 weeks) for shipped PG materials to arrive, and anticipated this to happen again with a large order I placed the other day, but it says it will be here this Friday which is faster than I’ve ever seen, so can’t complain about that! Awesome to see updates - big or small, I’ll take them. :+1:t4: