Discussion of March 2019 Update

I can’t wait to see what the next five years brings!


Wish I had tracked that too but didn’t. I think less than 30 minutes. Was working on another thing so wasn’t really paying attention. :smirk:

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Ooo…nice, cynd11…it sure speaks to your skills. But, what?..no bling, no glitter?


Happy 5th Glowforge! Keep making awesome sauce!


Congratulations all at Glowforge! :champagne::star2::confetti_ball::ribbon::sparkling_heart::boom::champagne:
Overwhelmingly the best thing I did last summer was to get a glowforge. I love what I can create with it; I love the smile on people’s faces when I bring them something I made; I read, learn, and contribute to the community forum most days. And if there is ever a day I can’t use my glowforge, I feel all out of sorts. I’m happy to have a machine that always works, and is only slightly off the perfect mark. I learn new things with every project and I know there are many more things to come on the horizon. Great job :glowforge: staff!


I guess Discourse must have eaten her glitter.

But I’ve re-blinged it for your enjoyment:


my cousin had a big trak

For those of you who are wondering…

THAT’s a Big Trak. And I never had one either… :frowning:


I had one. Mine was gray and I had a trailer too. It was the coolest thing ever for a kid.


I don’t want to like your post just for that.

Although I had every Lego set known to man, so I can’t really complain.


See, for some strange reason I never owned a Lego when I was a kid (I do now) but the neighbor kids did so I was able to play with theirs.

I still have bin boxes full of Lego. Even got my son into them for years too.

Will never, ever, no way get rid of them.

Timeless enjoyment.


Me too!

Only I was 18 at the time. Got it cause I could program it. :slight_smile:


The road ahead is GLOWing, so FORGE on!

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@dan is there a way that those of us yet to get their order can get the gifts without missing out? My basic is due to ship April 30 and my Pro June 30 (hoping this doesn’t shift again).

I am getting nervous, every time my shipping date gets a month away it moves. Its been a long ride since the second day of the campaign when I backed this, and I am getting saddle sore.

Thanks for your hard work



Hah! Made me jump!

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Ditto! I’d also love to not miss out on the gifts while waiting for my pro to arrive.

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The white ones were European/Canadian, gray for the US.

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"A gift…

We love seeing what people are printing, so our team created a quick daily dose of inspiration for your app dashboard. We hope seeing these will spark new ideas for you like it does for us."

So I’ve read about this a few times and have seen the “inspiration” link on my dash for a while, but I never see anything and the link has never worked. Is it the same for everyone else?