March 2019 Update

Our company recently celebrated our fifth birthday. That was hard to believe - five years is half my kids’ lives. I just found a picture of the twins (at age 5) next to the first laser I ever owned, and it’s taller than they were! Now they’re using our Glowforge at home themselves to make everything from fish tanks, to rubber-band launchers, to jewelry.

And our company has grown even faster than they have. We took a photo of everyone in the office a few days ago – here’s the team of people who work hard every day to make your Glowforge better!

Now there’s 80 of us working every day to make your Glowforge amazing.

What if you could upgrade a robot with your Glowforge?

Here’s something a little different - and I don’t mean duct taping your Glowforge to your Roomba. I mean a $199 home robot that you can customize with your Glowforge. Check out the Sphero RVR – the go anywhere, do anything programmable robot, from the team behind the bestselling BB-8 and R2-D2 toys.

Our friends at Sphero are Glowforge owners too, and have been dreaming up ways to create accessories that you can print at home. They’re going to develop a servo-activated catapult and a modular deluxe beverage caddy as free designs for every Glowforge owner!

Sphero’s created a huge variety of products and I expect their RVR will be outstanding. I can’t wait to get mine.

If you want one, there’s just three days left to get one:

Sphero RVR Kickstarter

You and Your Glowforge

You know how much we love you all. Every day we see new incredible things made by you in our forum and in social media. We even have a chat channel dedicated solely to sharing our favorite Glowforge owner creations, like these from Walworth Jt. School District.

So we’re always looking for ways to highlight the best part of Glowforge: You!

@bailey is looking for photos and videos of our customers with their Glowforge that she can use in communications and promotions. She’d love to see your best you-and-your-Glowforge selfie right here.

Me and My Glowforge Community Post

Warmer weather operation - just in time for Spring

This week, we’ll be releasing software that improves the temperature sensing of your Glowforge. Because it more accurately measures the actual temperature of the cooling fluid, you’ll be able to operate your Basic, Plus, or Pro in temperatures that are 2°-4° F (1°-2° C) warmer without pauses.

Shipping Improvements

Some of you let us know a Proofgrade order didn’t arrive on time, or that your email with tracking information didn’t on time. Some of you had the same experience with your Glowforge. Some of you received Proofgrade that wasn’t properly packaged and arrived damaged.

We’re sorry for the trouble. We heard about these challenges, and we have been switching over all of our logistics and fulfillment to a new provider. Now, we expect faster fulfillment and better stocking levels, including the return of my favorite, glass green acrylic!

Production Updates

Great news: no changes to our shipping forecast for the Glowforge Air Filter or for international shipments! The most recent Air filter update and International update are still correct.

A gift…

We love seeing what people are printing, so our team created a quick daily dose of inspiration for your app dashboard. We hope seeing these will spark new ideas for you like it does for us.

We also want to share projects that we’ve been having fun with here in our office. We created a special gift box in the top-right corner where you can find a free design that we’ve created for ourselves and for you. They will change regularly and each design is only available for a few weeks, so be sure to grab it when it appears!


Pause print

One of our most-requested features is a way to pause prints. Now, you can. During printing, you can press the white button to pause. To resume, just press the button again and the print will continue. We take care of all the magic so that there’s no visible interruption. Opening the lid will still cancel the print (so it cannot be restarted).

Longer print time

What would go best with being able to pause? Longer prints! Giant designs and high LPI engraves can take a while to finish. We now support truly giant print times, even longer than the previous 3 hour limit.

Faster print preparation

Preparing your print…

Preparing your print…

Preparing your print

Preparing your print just got about 30% faster. We’ve been optimizing the cloud process that gets your prints ready so you’ll have less time to wait before you get to hit the button.

Thank you.

As always, we appreciate your support of Glowforge. Your creativity inspires us! You can discuss this update here.