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Thanks for tagging one of my leatherworking posts! I have several now and have been massively growing in this department! :grin:


I’ve had my Glowforge for so long that I keep forgetting the expansion and maturing of the support resources. Way back in the beginning we had to figure out a lot of things for ourselves. You kids have it so easy now! :laughing:


I would like more information on the cleaver. How did you get it the engrave? Cermark? Mustard? Sharpie? I can see the settings, but was there any pre or post done?


Get offa my lawn!!!


I had forgotten the laser pants, so was imagining them actually keeping time. Perhaps the store could find some electronics designed for idiots, that they could just plug and play without soldering and stuff?


All such cool stuff. I love when everyone shares the things. they make!


Hear hear!


Up-hill, in the snow, both ways…

Actually, where my dad (RIP) grew up, that was actually true. You’d have to see the area he lived in to understand. Plus he had to clean out the pig pens before school. Times were hard for previous generations…

Regardless, I am very, very happy I was a GF owner while it was fully-functional. I’ll be sad when it dies, and am even more frustrated they can’t even be bothered to respond to my query about possibly getting the tube replaced. I’m still plugging away with it where needed, despite having to slow it down significantly.

For me, as I have stated many times, it’s just another tool in my workshop, but it’s virtually irreplaceable. I have a CNC router but it can’t do what the GF can, and the GF better suits my needs. I’m contemplating selling the router, as I’ve used it so little since owning the GF.


And those of us who are newer here really appreciate those of you who were the pathmakers. An especially big thank you for those who have been working with a Glowforge for years and continue to freely share your expertise. :clap:


When I read this, I completely misread it as clockwork parts - but that is possible, too! lol

@cynd11 LOL I just had a flashback to learning Minitab using DOS commands and then later on Windows. :smiley:

One of my favorite examples of how I find it amazing to have a Glowforge is this really funky heating vent in our home that is impossible to by a cover for. Got an unique custom item needed in your home? Glowforge to the rescue! :smiley: And I have an endless source of project ideas that continuously flows from my brain. I capture most of my ideas (in notes or drawings) but completing the projects, well, that’s a different subject. :smile:


Absolutely nothing. Straight from the laser to the cutting board with no pre- or post-treatment.

I profoundly apologize - it should never happen that a query goes unreplied. Please forward the query that didn’t get a reply to danshapiro@glowforge.com. I will fix that immediately and make sure you get a response.


Is there a way to access tutorials for new Glowforge Dashboard features? They typically pop up when I am in the middle of production … but I haven’t found where I can access the tutorial details for a Premium Account / Glowforge Pro. Appreciate your thoughts and help here.

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